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A Better World – Host McNair Ezzard

A Better World provides an in-depth look into the people and organizations, locally, nationally and internationally, who are working to create a world that works for everyone. Whether it be those who are working in the areas of hunger and poverty, social and economic justice, healthcare, education, housing, restoration of the environment or those people and organizations who bring a fresh perspective to spirituality – “A Better World” features interviews with people who are making a difference. Email us at: betterworldradioshow@gmail.com




Against Our Extinction – November 12, 2020

The work of Extinction Rebellion. “The third world war — of profit versus life — is already underway. Humanity itself is on the brink of the abyss: our potential extinction.”  Find out how Extinction Rebellion is fighting to win this war – for the environment, for us and our children, for a livable future. Extinction Rebellion is a worldwide movement of people using non-violent civil disobedience to help save our world. Guest: Russell Gray, Lead Organizer for Extinction Rebellion in Washington, DC.  www.extinctionrebellion.us


Saving Our Oceans – October 22, 2020

Captain Paul Watson founder of Sea Shepherd. Paul has been described as “the world’s most aggressive, most determined, most active and most effective defender of wildlife” He was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the environmental heroes of the 20th Century. He is author of the books: Earthforce: An Earth Warrior’s Guide to Strategy; Ocean Warrior: My Battle to End the Illegal Slaughter on the High Seas. www.seashepherd.org


Hunger amidst the Pandemic – October 15, 2020

The World Food Program USA. The impact of the coronavirus threatens to double the world’s severely hungry people this year to 270 million. Recipient of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, the World Food Program is working to serve 138 million of them. The biggest undertaking in it’s history. Our guest is Chase Sova, Senior Director of Public Policy and Research at World Food Program USA. Chase has worked in 15 developing countries across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. He holds a Ph.D. in political ecology on climate change and agriculture from Oxford University. www.wfpusa.org


A world divided – the problem of ideology in politics, economics and religion – July 23, 2020

British journalist Patricia Pitchon. During the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis, divisions are heightened – politically, economically, religiously. We live in a world where ideology, and our beliefs in those ideologies, are not bringing us together, but causing greater division. Is there a way forward toward sanity? London-based freelance journalist and author of  Searching for Maitreya, Patricia Pitchon, talks about the impact of ideological beliefs, how they divide and how they can be addressed to help us move forward to a unified, peaceful world.


Climate Change Chaos – a time for solutions – January 30, 2020

Roger Helm on the climate change chaos. Climate change is a threat to the planet and poses major ethical, moral and technological challenges for humanity. What are the climate change facts that we can understand? Who is doing what to fight climate change? Are their efforts effective? Can we, individually/together, make a difference in addressing this peril? Our guest: Roger Helm has been with us previously and is well-versed on climate change issues. He holds a PhD in biological ecology and has been studying and teaching about climate change and environmental issues for many years.


Near-Death Experience and the Evidence of God – February 22, 2018

Dr. Jeffrey Long. Curious about the afterlife? Wonder what happens next? Does God exist? What about judgement? Listen to an inspiring interview, with Dr. Jeffrey Long, author of the 2011 New York Timesbestseller, Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences. And most recently, author of God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience. This provocative interview is sure to give some answers. www.nderf.org


26 thoughts on “A Better World (Live)

  1. I just listened to the interview with Steffie Rausch, from the Asheville Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The host was obviously well prepared and very professional and the guest was knowledgeable, articulate, and interesting to listen to. She certainly presented a hopeful and positive approach to solving the global warming crisis.

  2. Thanks for the interview with Marissa Kokkoros about her work and nonprofit organization Aura Freedom International. Marissa is definitely one of the new-generation “change makers” and her work on empowering girls and young women is truly a force for good in the world. Keep up the great work McNair. Your interview style is easy to listen to and your selection of guests are engaging and inspiring. Very hopeful. I’m looking forward to listening to Gerard Aartsen and his information on UFOs and their spiritual mission here.

  3. An insightful discussion on the Kawangware situation. An intelligent and informative talk about the how to in running a charity organization with minimum overhead and administration activity.

  4. Monte Leach gives us a very thorough and informative talk on the making and content of Share International magazine. A professionally handled interview that I would suggest others to listen to.

  5. After listening to the interview with guest Gerard Aartsen, I was very impressed by the clarity brought to bear on the subject of UFOs and ‘space brothers’. I had expected to hear the usual fear-based stories and was delighted to hear such a positive message about the reality of life on every planet. The host seemed well prepared, patient and asked great questions – thank you. I look forward to the upcoming show!

  6. A friend recommended I listen to this program and I was happy to discover the broad progressive topics covered by this local NC show! I have listened to a handful so far that piqued my interest and was most struck with the one on refugees and the Family Justice episode. Very relevant and informative, I’m glad to hear some positive stories to balance the disheartening news of our current reality…
    Keep it up!

  7. Mr Whitesides is a special man. What a great interview. It’s good to know there are people like him in positions of influence. Thank you.

  8. Looking at A Better World progamme I’m really enjoying some of the interviews , the Michael j Carter interview and the Gerrad Aartsen especially the Hunger project another close to my heart Thankyou so much.

  9. Wow! I loved this interview. It will give me a completely different perspective when I see the craziness happening all over the world. At least now I can look forward to being part of the huge change for the better.

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed interview with Julian Creme and Felicity Eliot from Share International organization and its myriad activities. If indeed true the story is easily the most compelling story in the history of this planet and gives me and others hope that all will be well. I’m especially relieved to hear that Sanat K, Maitreya and his group will intervene if there is a treat of nuclear war. Thanks for this insightful program!

  11. For me, shows earlier than August (show #60) do not play. Is there a special process for accessing the earlier shows?

    1. Hi Chip,
      We’ve had some data storage issues, But I think McNair may have those back files stored somehwere, and hopefully they can be added back onto his page.
      Davyne Dial

  12. A New Era is Dawning, is a great interview, a much needed talk about the World Teacher and his work toward Sharing, Justice and Peace for All Humanity. Hope to see more of these. Thank-you.

  13. Truly A Better World programme is shining the light on all the groups doing great work in the world, a bright future is coming.

  14. I very much appreciate McNair’s program. He helps to give ‘voice’ to issues of concern that are very under-covered in mainstream media. His programs help educate us about critically important issues and to think about the dominant paradigm that keeps us in endless cycles of violence, war, disrespect of human rights and our environment, etc. Yesterday’s show with Ken Jones was excellent and very informative on a topic few Americans are aware of but should be!

  15. Show: Western NC Down Syndrome Alliance
    Another inspiring show. Such great guests. Thank you so much for introducing us to Aubrey and her mother.

  16. Really appreciate you all hosting my organization, Asheville DSA, on your show. McNair was very professional throughout and asked great questions- a pleasure to work with. Thank you for the publicity, and for all the good work you do!

  17. I recently listened to the interview on Greenpeace, which I found inspiring and hopeful. It gave me a much deeper appreciation of the organization and the difference it’s making on the climate front. I want to thank McNair for his work in developing and hosting this show. It’s wide-ranging and upbeat in terms of guests, and McNair’s professionalism is unwavering. It’s the real deal.

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