Meet Ryan R&B Barber

Recording & Performing Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, GRAMMY Winning Vocalist

Host of The Asheville Heartbeat
Wednesday 8:00 -10:00 pm
WPVM’s show host of the month is Ryan R&B Barber, whose two hour Wednesday night show features local music, smooth jazz and easy listening and when Covid-19 is not in our world his show features local musician interviews and their new releases. 
Ryan grew up in the small town of Wilkesboro, NC and despite the rampant Jim Crow laws  and deeply racist attitudes designed to repress black citizens in that town Ryan excelled in his development of his musical talents.  From a musical family  that participated in marching bands, church choirs and chorus ensembles, Ryan has music  buried deep in his soul. While encouraged and supported to do his music by family, the outside world discouraged him in going professional with his talents. People said he’d “never make it and that his music sucked”,  but Ryan persevered and began performing music professionally in 2001, creating his own compositions and put together his first hiphop group in 2003, while still in Wilkesboro.

In 2007 Ryan produced his first album which he wrote and produced as a solo artist. His talents caught the attention of a local touring musician and was asked  to join his  band  (Banjo Hip Hop fusion band, Turbo Pro Project). That band played many places, but Asheville seemed to be the most frequent place, which led to Ryan’s decision to move to Asheville in 2009.


The locally famous Tuesday Night Funk Jam @ the Asheville Music Hall was a turning point as his performance there gave him exposure and grabbed the attention of the award winning “Kid Hop” artists Secret Agent 23 Skidoo; which went on to win a Grammy award in 2017 for best childrens album. Ryan continues to hustle and started his own funk/soul band  Boogi Therapi and remains  very active in the local music scene winning many more awards and accolades than are listed here.  In addition to his radio show The Asheville Heartbeat,  Ryan  teaches at the French Broad River Academy, and performs with many local bands.

 WPVM is honored that Ryan has chosen to share his talent on his Asheville Heartbeat show.

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