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Introducing the new WPVM, 103.7  in Asheville, NC.  A commercial free, low power fm radio station governed by the Friends of WPVM, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit founded to provide independent media to the Asheville community. WPVM is committed to presenting the best Asheville’s cultural, artistic and musical heritage featuring a unique collection of local musicians playing original works, mountain, jazz and blues music, combined with regional and classic rock & roll, along with programs on public affairs that enrich and/or empower the listener.

Listen to WPVM 103.7 using your device of choice. The station streams worldwide, and can be listened to using a computer, cell phone, smart tv or tablet. Automobile travelers can listen using a cell phone or tablet with a audio cable connected to the radio using the “aux” option. Tunein radio can be added to your computer bookmarks and Tunein can be added to any smart tv as a channel. Vacationers in Asheville are invited to take the sounds of Asheville home, to experience the vibe of Asheville anytime on demand via computer, smart phone, tablet or Tunein.


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