MISSION:  WPVM fm radio station is Asheville’s first community station and the first broadcast occurred in 2002.  WPVM fm’s mission is to create radio programming that cultivates dialogue, informs, entertains and raises local, regional and global community awareness. station WPVM fm r

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Poetic Listening

Poetic Listening with Julia Cameron. In this provocative Twice 5 Miles Radio interview titled Poetic Listening with Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, you’ll quickly learn that poetic listening…

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WPVM President: Davyne Dial

Davyne Dial, President WPVM FM 103.7Professional Designer  1982 – 2012. Davyne began her professional career as a designer in New Orleans developing and operating a  business in the French Quarter adjacent to Jackson Square. She re-located to Asheville in 1989 to further her studies in metal work at Penland School, and John C. Campbell.  Current Designs

She has distributed her designs to exclusive retail shops and catalogs, nationwide.  Her work has appeared in national magazines, and graced the  display windows of Saks Fifth Ave flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  She has produced instructional lessons on the lost art of  couture level millinery  that are available on DVDs.

Upon retiring from the design world  Davyne fulfilled a dream of attending Penland School of Craft to study fine metal work. She hopes to resume her metal work once the station is well established in the community.

She is a co-founder of the “New WPVM”, the non-profit she helped establish obtained the license to broadcast from MAIN in 2015 and she feels the opportunity to help develop WPVM from a dormant radio station is a thrilling challenge and and honor to be a part of developing the station to it’s fullest potential for the community. Visit Davyne on Facebook.

Local / National News

Arts and Culture

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VISION: WPVM fm radio in Asheville’s vision is to be the trusted voice of an informed Asheville community. A community resource that is a means to build support for the arts, culture and history of Asheville and the surrounding community through civic participation. We are “The Voice of Asheville.”