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Cecil Sharp

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Writing of his time in Madison County, Sharp describes a secluded and isolated mountain region with few roads and limited access to the outside world. The inhabitants spoke an old-fashioned form of English, using many obsolete expressions and pronunciations. Sharp…

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Fine Tuned

Blue Ridge National Heritage Area and Rare Bird Farm team up for inaugural Fine Tuned Sessions

Daylong music event and fundraiser focus on the convergence of old time and modern music in an intimate musical setting.

In Madison County, North Carolina, the rich tradition of ballads and music spans generations. Rooted in family heritage, the culture faces challenges but persists. The documentary captures the essence of Bascom Lamar Lunsford’s efforts to preserve this unique musical legacy, emphasizing its relevance today. The community adapts, hosting events like the Ballad Swap at the historic Marshall jail, blending tradition with a contemporary touch. The enduring power of music fosters connection, resilience, and a shared appreciation for the vibrant cultural history alive in the mountains.

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area (BRNHA) and Rare Bird Farm are hosting the Fine Tuned Sessions, a special event featuring artists from the BRNHA Fine Tuned program and other regional and national acts, on Saturday, May 4, 2024, in Asheville, NC.



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