WPVM Feature of the week

A favorite of WPVM listeners is its play of old and new regional music—especially featuring the distinctive music of the banjo!

Here are two great local banjo stories to enjoy:

The Banjo Beyond Deliverance
 “Exploring Southern Appalachia:

An entertaining 5-minute listen from Blue Ridge Public Radio (BPR) writer Cory Vaillancourt featuring Haywood County’s “elder statesman of mountain music” Raymond Fairchild and Grammy Award-winning American songster Dom Flemons.

Billy Scribbles—travel writer, folklorist and busker (including playing banjo and spoons on the streets of Asheville)—shares a Facebook post about playing with Raymond Fairchild. A delightful read!

Photo on left of Billy with Mikey Merrill of Madison County. “The Reverend,” as Billy calls him, “is the real deal!”

(And here’s a short picturesque video of Billy playing banjo during his current adventures on the road out west.)


WPVM presents “Land of the Sky” radio show on Sundays at 7:00-9:00 pm which features 78 rpm recordings of regional music—with lots of banjo! Plus the station’s weekday afternoon programs highlight current musicians influenced by traditional regional sounds such as Steep Canyon Rangers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, and many other artists with local roots; along with vintage recordings by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Jimmie Rodgers.  Enjoy!

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