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Application ID: 1655032
Channel: 279L1 (103.7)
Domestic Status:License
NAD27 Coordinates: 35 35′ 39.00″ N 82 33′ 21.00″ W
NAD83 Coordinates: 35 35′ 39.41″ N 82 33′ 20.43″ W
Elevation: 695.6 m AMSL
Transmitter Power Output: 0.27kW

Horiz Vert
Effective Radiated Power 0 kW 0 kW
Maximum Effective Radiated Power: 0.1 kW 0.1 kW
Radiation center above average terrain 13.5087m 0m
Radiation center-height above ground: 6.4m 0m
Radiation center-above mean sea level: 702m 0m

Overall antenna height above ground: 6.4m m
Non-Directional Antenna
Antenna Type: SWR FME/1
Antenna Sections (bays): 1
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Voluntary Public Information File

BNPL-20010615AJX New Construction Permit Granted 12/30/2002
BLED-20031029ABZ License to Cover Dismissed 02/12/2004
BLL-20040126AIK License to Cover Granted 08/25/2004
BPL-20060622ABV Minor Modification Granted 06/23/2006
BLL-20060626AAS License to Cover Granted 07/03/2006
BOA-20110801 Ownership Report(s) Accepted for Filing 08/02/2011
BRL-20110801ALN Renewal Granted 11/25/2011
BSTA-20111220AFB Special Temporary Authority Dismissed 01/23/2012
BLSTA-20120921ACQ Remain Silent Authority Dismissed 05/23/2013
BSTA-20120921AEX Special Temporary Authority Denied 09/24/2012
Resumption of Operations Granted 10/12/2012
BLSTA-20121024ADI Silent STA Granted 03/20/2013
BPL-20120926ASY Minor Modification Granted 02/19/2013
Resumption of Operations Granted 06/21/2013
BLL-20130620ABO License to Cover Granted 06/27/2013
Silent Notification Granted 01/13/2014
BPL-20140328ACV Minor Modification Granted 05/23/2014
Transaction log data BLSTA-20140328ACP Silent STA Granted 07/01/2014
Transaction log data BLL-20141015ADH License to Cover Granted 10/20/2014
Resumption of Operations Granted 10/20/2014
Transaction log data BALL-20150224AAJ Assign License Granted 05/08/2015
Consummation Notice Accepted 06/29/2015
Transaction log data 0000073052 NCNB2 Received 05/21/2019
Transaction log data BTCL-20190530AAH Transfer of Control Granted 06/11/2019
Transaction log data 0000078013 Renewal Granted 11/19/2019
A red arrow  means this application has additional transaction log history since July 1, 2014. Click the arrow to expand.
Authority to Remain Silent 07/01/2014
Authority to Remain Silent 03/20/2013
STA related 09/25/2012

WPVM’s coverage is 18 miles north – south and to Candler in the west and Black Mountain to the east.

WPVM coverage is 18 miles north to south of downtown Asheville

WPVM Coverage Map


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