Celebrating Women

In celebration of the Suffrage Centennial—when women won the
vote in August 1920—and as a way to support the modern women’s movement, WPVM recently
premiered a special interview program, “Women Fighting the Good Fight.”

The Women’s 
Suffrage Movement

The first show featured Justin Souther, the senior book buyer
and store manager at Malaprops (Asheville’s renowned bookseller) and Cornelia Powell, fashion historian, guest speaker and writer. 

brought a number of books from the store to “show and tell” focusing on the
suffrage movement in the U.S. as well as in Great Britain, sharing stories of
courageous women who gave their lives to this 72-year-long struggle for the
vote. Cornelia (who is presenting a series of lectures over the next year
around the Southeast—one titled, “Dress to Protest: What Women Wore to the Revolution”) interjected anecdotes from suffrage history. 

Remember the Ladies

Cornelia will join Davyne Dial—WPVM’s general manager and tech diva extraordinaire—at future randomly scheduled programs throughout the next year. (Plus, Justin will return as more books on women’s suffrage and woman-centric topics hit the book shelves at Malaprops.) Stay tuned. ~

The Woman’s Hour
ps: Check out WPVM’s website page with listings of Suffrage Centennial celebrations—including exhibitions and lecture series—around the country over the next year-plus! Do you have plans for a celebration or commemoration that is not listed on the WPVM site? Then please email us and let us know so we can add it to our group!

(Other books Justin shared about: Votes for Women and Death in Ten Minutes.)