WPVM General Manager a Hit in NY!


Davyne Dial, WPVM general manager, 
was a recent guest speaker at the Grassroots Radio Conference in Rochester, New York. Her topic, “Social Media Savvy,” showed her audience how to incorporate live video to Facebook, cameras, smart phones, and mics to capture action or live programming. Davyne also explained to the radio station attendees how to use social media to help establish their brand in their particular communities to vastly increase their reach and engagement.

Asked about the response, Davyne, who used PowerPoint to enhance her presentation, said her audience seemed dazzled—they had no idea such connections were possible. Verifying this, feedback from her audience was enthusiastic, like from Theresa Mitchell, radio commentator and music programmer for KBOO in Portland, Oregon: “A great presentation! You did a terrific job!


A radio personality who later watched the video of Davyne’s talk confirmed this, calling it a “‘revelatory presentation that a vast majority of community radio stations are not knowledgeable about…and Davyne, with her immense technical expertise, presented the facts in a way that her audience could get it!