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Yes You Can on WPVM FM

Every Tuesday from 5-6pm on WPVM FM 103.7 Ann-Lee Waite hosted live interviews


Hosted by Ann-Lee Waite, a self-proclaimed Goddess Trainer. She assists women on their journeys to self-empowerment. She believes “There is no story, no history you cannot transform for your highest good”. Find her on Facebook.


At the age of forty Ann-Lee took a six-month pause after asking Spirit, “What is the work I will feel joy in doing so much that I would do it for free?” One day after completing her yoga video she noticed at the end there was a yoga teacher training offered. And thus began her journey in wellness practices. In one year she certified as a yoga teacher, a Thai yoga practitioner, foot fitness, body rolling teacher and personal trainer. A couple of years later she completed Level Two Usui Reiki. She was convinced if she could help people feel better in their bodies that could be a way for them to desire more wellbeing in their lives. That was 15 years ago.


Her energetic and spiritual connection has been a 30 year journey to answer the question “who am I?”


Yes You Can is a radio show discussing various topics on:

  • The rising feminine, as witnessed by our society in the last decade (#metoo, Women’s March, Eve Ensler’s movement to end violence against women, and more)
  • The mindset, habits, and practices of self-empowerment and transformational living
  • Conversations about what women’s empowerment means and what effect it will have on our society
  • What does self-responsibility look like in an extended age of victim/perpetrator/rescuer culture
  • Conversations that inspire, motivate and remind listeners they can be, do, and have in life whatever they desire



Show #39

On this last show I invited my friends Melody LeBaron and Millie America Parmer to share an hour conversation on Shamanic death, the shadow identity, radical forgiveness versus traditional forgiveness and what does it mean to be a Spirit being having a human experience.  January 1, 2019

Over the course of this year long radio show experience, the topic of spirituality in our daily lives became the topic my intuition was guiding me to as the solution for our social ills. Our opinions, our experiences, our education, our intellect will always be in a state of flux, ever changing.  The question that has become more intriguing than “who am I?” is “what is it that exists within all of us that remains constant?”

My feeling, my intuition said as humans evolve spiritually, becoming more aware and in connection with their Spirit essence, there would remain more understanding on the nature of our ego insanity; there would be less human and more spirit interaction between beings.

That’s why the focus of the radio show became more spiritual in its topic. It was a result of my growing awareness that human personality to human personality conversation would require so much time to slog through the quicksand of resistance in letting go of the projections and conditionings to arrive at an understanding that would result in social change. We are so smart we are dumb with it. Our best intellect has brought us to creating the world we live in.  Intellect on its own will not bring radical egalitarian social change.



Show #38

My guest today is Melody LeBaron, Professional Organizer, Space Clearing practitioner, Feng Shui consultant, and an empowerment facilitator December 18, 2018



Melody has authored the forthcoming book Creating Sacred Space for Conscious Death: Preparing the Environment and Yourself When a Loved One is Dying, based on her experience midwifing the deaths of 10 of her loved ones.

No stranger to grief, Melody is a living example of the power and vitality which can be restored when loss is fully experienced and integrated.  Her website is





Show #37

My guest today is Angelica Craig Pizano,  Pendulist and Artist of Consciousness Light Photography. Her Facebook group is Dowse it December 4, 2018

Angelica has been practicing and at times, teaching the fine art of dowsing for 25 Years. She was a radio broadcaster for a major Spanish radio station in Charlotte NC for several years. Then she became a Global Executive Manager for a online media company for 10 years. In 2009 she finally began to listen to her internal guidance and slowly but surely understood why she is here on earth and jumped into a journey of self discovery via inquiry. She asked so many questions it made her feel crazy but she needed to know. She became part of a group to do research and after weeks of research the group made contact with a variety of non human entities within the invisible world. These entities shared large amounts of information with them. At the time they had a Metaphysical school and conducted experiments and practiced a technique called ” inner journeys” which led right in to experimentation of consciousness with photography. She then began an exploration of consciousnesses and how it ebbs and flows, how it lowers and raises and how all this affects our reality and world.  Now she does dowsing consultations to help others find peace of mind and clarity. Angelica will soon begin the Inner Journey sessions to explore the many facets of the soul.




Show #36

My guest today is Lauren Rosenfeld of November 27, 2018


Lauren Rosenfeld is a life coach, a teacher, a speaker and an author. She teaches individuals and groups about using mindfulness and spirituality as tools to help us live more meaningful and powerful lives. She holds graduate degrees in Judaic Studies and Education. She is the author of two books, Your To Be List: Turn Those Dreaded To-Do’s into Meaningful Moments and Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home. She is currently writing a third manuscript — Made of Starstuff and Kickass about what science and spirituality teaches us about who we
are and what we are made of.








Show #35

My guest today is Valerie Smith-Jackson. Valerie and I discuss her journey with cancer in 2011.  November 20, 2018



Valerie Smith-Jackson is a local resident from Charleston, Sc.  Known as SuperVixen Conversationalist, Valerie does blessings for specialty parties such as the Viking Parties hosted by “Curious Folk” at the Odditorium.  She has facilitated workshops and rituals for self-love and inclusion at Asheville Raven and Crone. Her diverse spiritual disciplines and life experiences have transformed her as a motivator and personal empowerment director. She is also a cancer survivor, a born Priestess honoring Yemaya, sister of the moon, daughter of the sun and mother to many.  With her healing witchy ways she makes the world a community.






Show #34

My guest today is Iva Veazey, a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, a certified Performance Wellness Coach, a certified Transformation Meditation Instructor, a certified Sex Coach, as well as a professional musician. November 13, 2018



My dream and goal is to be a safe and healing force in the LGBTQ+ community as a Sex Coach, assisting others in finding their way into a new and more fulfilled life, without guilt or shame. My aim is to be a powerful resource for the ever-expanding world of gender/sexuality/relationship diversity.








Show #33

My guests today are Alyce Knaflich, Founder and Executive Director (ED) and Betty Sharpless, Board Member of Aura Home Women Vets, an organization that assists impoverished and homeless women veterans in WNC. November 6, 2018

Alyce Knaflich is Founder and Executive Director of Aura Home Women Vets, an organization that assists impoverished and homeless women veterans in WNC. Experiencing homelessness herself for nearly ten years, Alyce knows what homelessness is and understands the barriers to acquiring long term, stable, safe and secure housing. Alyce also volunteers at the VA Medical Center escorting Women Veterans to appointments and advocates for Veterans at numerous committee meetings and Town Halls. Her volunteerism earned two nationally recognized awards. Alyce served honorably in the US Army and Army Reserves from 1975-1995.

Betty Sharpless is a Board Member with volunteerism in her spirit. She has previously volunteered with Loving Food Resources and Western NC Aids Project.



Show #32

A conversation with my guests and friends Olympia Garrett and Valerie Smith Jackson October 30, 2018 (We had some audio issues at the beginning of the show, fast forward to 4:48 for our conversation to start)

Olympia Garrett is an Energy Shifter, reiki practitioner, energy body work, community leader, family advocate and creator of Blue Crystal Wellness. She is known as Mama G to the younger ones.

Valerie Smith-Jackson is a Charleston, South Carolinian who has walked the material and spiritual from the age of six. She was exposed to eclectic phenomenons since then and sporadically followed the guidance of Spirit through symbolisms, internal spirit – guided communication and “angels”. She started channeling at the age of 20 and was overwhelmed with connections to disembodied “persons”. She started to dampen her abilities to live her life easier. Her empathic abilities led her to facilitating workshops on personal love and inclusion. She is writing two fictional books and is head of race relations for Purpose Publishing, Inc. She also acts as a community liason whenever possible.




Show #31

My guest is Facebook and real friend Mindy Barrett.  Last time she was on the show she had just returned from a five month global tour October 23, 2018

Mindy is coming back for another conversation. What I’m excited to talk about are women my age and Millie’s age coming of age in these Wonder Woman times!! If you are a woman approaching or in her fifties you are getting one part of the magic; the other magical part is these times we are witnessing women standing up telling patriarchy its time is UP!! The two energies coinciding is truly special.

I was listening to Marianne Williamson and she said at the time of the publishing of her book Return to Love, other than Leo Buscaglia, love wasn’t part of our societal dialogue. Now love is being discussed as a viable way to live in peace with oneself and others.

So I want to talk about being middled aged fabulous, energetic women. I want to talk about the practice of love. I want to talk about what still scares us and we’re going for it anyway. I want to talk about our relationships with women, past, present and what we are holding in our hearts for our future with other rising women.



Show #30

Millie and I with yet another friend, Michael Thomas who is the bomb diggety and the first man on the show!  October 9, 2018

Michael Thomas was blessed with the gift of empathy, insight and clairvoyance from an early age. At the age of 9, as a result of being hit by a car, he transitioned to a state of being a walk-in. A walk in is simply the process by which one soul has completed its journey on this plane and trades places with another.
Throughout his childhood he began to experience a more pronounced awakening and awareness of energy and vibrations beyond this earthly plane. While he knew the gifts to see beyond this plane were within him, it wasn’t until his early 20’s that the experiences of visions and out of body travel started to become more pronounced and prevalent. At the age of 25 he was given a reading and was told that if he did not start using his gifts, they would continue to poke and push him to do more and more.
He heeded that advice and the Universe swiftly put him in the path of a great teacher who became his mentor. She lovingly opened her arms and his mind to learn and refine the skills of Tarot, hypnosis for both past life and current life regression, clairaudience, psychometry, spiritual counselling, and healing.

For nearly 40 years he has used these gifts of spirit to help as many people as possible, as much as possible. Having come out of a professional background, he has been able to meld the gifts of spirit and the mundane world of business to not only assist people with matters of the heart, but with matters of how to improve their business acumen.
As with any being, the process of awakening and improving is ongoing. Being allowed the opportunity to help others with their life’s issues and growth, allows him the opportunity to grow and refine his life’s actions and decisions.
His goal is simple: to provide clients with the information and tools to bring peace, awareness and understanding into their lives. To help solve their most pressing problems, to give them hope in alleviating their fears, lack or limitation. To do so in a peaceful, loving, respectful manner. His wish is to be an instrument of peace for all who he comes in contact with and help light the way to understanding.



Show #29

Millie and I talk with my friend Labet Pritchard of October 2, 2018

LaBet Pritchard is a seasoned personal fitness trainer and yoga therapist with over 30 years of teaching experience in Asheville at the Grove Park Inn. Labet’s energetic training style is uniquely geared toward motivational, yet empathetic wellness programming. Her passion in life is to help others achieve their “personal best” and live the healthiest, fullest lives possible. She has been called a change agent and a visionary by her clients and students. These days, instead of working out in the gym, LaBet walks pilgrimages in Europe and her latest passion is training other pilgrims to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually take long walks which metamorphosize and alchemize!




Show #28

Conversation with Sarah Gettys, Outreach Counselor and Ginelle Krummey, Counseling Intern at Our Voice September 18, 2018



Sarah Gettys is the Outreach Counselor at Our Voice. She provides short term trauma focused individual counseling to primary and secondary survivors of sexual violence. She also facilitates support groups for survivors of sexual violence and provides outreach in the community.

Joining Sarah, is Ginelle Krummey is one of the Counseling Interns at OurVOICE. She is about to complete her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Ginelle has worked with survivors of sexual violence, foster
youth, adolescents, adults with chronic mental illness, and veterans experiencing homelessness– not in that order!




Show #27

Conversation with Vicki Meath, Executive Director at Just Economics September 11, 2018



Vicki Meath is the Executive Director of Just Economics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, advocating and organizing for a more just and sustainable local economy that works for all in Western North Carolina. Vicki has over 15 years experience in community organizing, policy advocacy and organizational leadership. Vicki lives in West Asheville with her 17 year old daughter.




Show #26

Conversation with Mindy Barrett, joined by her mother Joni Parrish September 4, 2018


Mindy Barrett has lived in these mountains for 40 of her 50 years. She has been an empath and intuitive for as long as she can remember. She has found herself with the gift of connecting disparate people worldwide through what she calls “framing” or delivering messages and insight into situations that facilitates a shifting of perspective and healing. She has been likened to a virtual lemonade stand even though she has herself deeply wrestled with the demons of self doubt and fear.

In recent history, through a series of curveballs that included her daughter’s traumatic brain injury and the mild dementia diagnosis of her mother, Mindy was led to the decision of whisking the three of them out to travel in a meandering way on a quest for healing and adventure. Cumulatively, these 3 generations of women have had quite the tour of cultural discovery. It was all served up with heaping portions of togetherness and for sanity’s sake large side dishes of humor as well as shifts in perspective about themselves, life and each other. On the way they also found healing, a heightened spiritual awareness and repeated examples of the interconnectedness of humanity at its core.

What happened on these unexpected adventures that spanned not only the continental United States but big portions of the world, including 6 of the 7 continents, was obviously life changing. Join us to hear about how Mindy’s adventures have allowed her to continue her ministry of lifting others up through connecting and nurturing hearts across cultures with humor, love and acknowledgement of the beautiful lessons that can be found in the suck factor.


Show #25

Conversation with Gwenevere Bridge (Gwenevere Durgadevi on Facebook) of Oracles, Spirituality and Sharing Facebook group August 28, 2018


Gwenevere has been a clairvoyant from childhood. As she grew she could hear the sacred sounds of the Earth and Nature and has dedicated her energy to be part of the change she wishes to see in the world. She speaks to spirits that range from ancient tree’s to our dearly departed. Her personal mission is to guide people back to the power they have forgotten in themselves and their sacred mission.

Gwenevere has been a psychic reader for 31 years and her specialties are in reading soul contracts, past lives and how we are resolving unfinished business in our present life while bringing love of every form back into focus. She works avidly in earth ceremony, blessing sacred sights and doing river healing ceremonies to name a few. Through reading the Akashic Records she see’s the path that can offer the greatest rewards for whomever has come for guidance or clarity.

In 2015 Gwenevere was ordained as a Minister through the Center for Sacred Studies, Walking Her Sacred Prayer, Earth Song Clan. She pursued the Ministry when inspired by the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and a vision she had of them in her youth about being part of the Sacred Hoop of Sisterhood and how this hoop would bring great healing. In all Gwenevere does she seeks to inspire the courage, revolutionary growth and at all times Love.



Show #24

Conversation with Anna Smith and Sarah Brown of Ontrack Financial Education & Counseling August 21, 2018



Sarah Brown joined OnTrack in 2007 and is the Associate Executive Director for OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling. She leads the Financial Capabilities Initiative; its goal is to affect behavior change in clients through financial education, counseling and coaching.

Anna Smith has been a certified financial and housing counselor and educator with OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling for three years. In her work, Anna helps clients understand the key steps to becoming financially capable, identify their personal money goals, and create personalized action plans that help empower them to change their money lives.






Show #23

Another funny, open, Spirit driven quarterly conversation with Julie Elizabeth Day of August 14, 2018



Today’s conversation: Relationships as a Spiritual Practice. How can we know more of ourselves and our divine nature through our relationships? How can we use irritation and triggers as a way to know more of our hidden shadow parts, and eventually to return them back to love? How can we stop blaming and finger pointing, and instead use our relationships as powerful vehicles of transformation for ourselves, and our world, even?

We may not have gotten to all those questions but we sure did have fun!! And we talked about astrology, the concept of Oneness and Humanness and how it relates to our current cultural environment of intolerance of one another.





Show #22

A conversation with my friend, my Spirit sister and collaborator Millie America Parmer August 7, 2018



My woowoo sista Millie America Parmer of is back for our monthly chat.  Our conversation starts at the question “How many frogs do you get to kiss before you are considered a slut?” I share my one hand rule and how that went.  I share a slut shaming moment I had in college that changed my perspective forever.

And we are going to talk about our past experiences with narcissistic men and how they almost did our heads in with self-doubt.  This is our PG version. Stay tuned for information on our podcast Big Woman Talk with all the liberal language seasoning we normally use in our chats together.





Show #21

Conversation with myself! Ann-Lee Waite July 31, 2018


It’s just moi for one whole hour!! So yeah!!! It’s just me. This is the moment I have been afraid of since starting the show…not having a guest. But of course it’s BECAUSE I was afraid of this moment that this moment is now here isn’t it?
I had no idea what I was going to talk about but I knew it would be coming from the heart so I didn’t have anything to worry about.  I talk about my transparency, some might call it oversharing, and how even I have found myself wondering if I am too transparent.  In meditation the day after the show my guides clarified the purpose of my transparency.  I was shown my transparency, my willingness to share the most personal of details, on the human level, serves to assist women to release their personal and collective shame stories.

When my “friend” shouted slut down the dorm hallway in 1981 was the beginning of my training.   It showed me the power secrets hold over us.

I would collect more shame labels and identities until I stopped giving them permission to define me personally.  Shame around our bodies, our life history, our life choices weigh us down and keep us quiet and controllable.  Accept and love all parts of your own individual expression of the divine or you will not experience the divine within. You won’t be able to feel it until you believe it. There is no thing, no time to be forgiven for. You were made perfectly imperfect for the upliftment of others; how else could you experience compassion for others?



Show #20

Conversation with pelvic physiotherapist and co-founder of Heather Reich Edwards and Dr. Debora Meitz of on the topic of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality July 24, 2018



Debora D Meitz, MD, practiced Women’s health and alternative medicine as a Family Physician. She has also studied meditation, Taoist Feminine Treasures, spirituality, sacred sexuality and tantra for many years with teachers from around the world.

Debora earned her medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine. After practicing medicine in Key West for many years, she relocated to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and currently lives in Asheville, NC.






Show #19

Conversation with LaBet Pritchard July 17, 2018


Once upon a time…
A southern girl from Mississippi ran away from home and has been finding her way home to herself ever since. Twice married and divorced; two daughters; school teacher for five years; aerobics teacher, personal trainer and yoga therapist over the past 30 years; sober for nine years; and home free for the past three years, LaBet is living a spontaneous and serendipitous dream today. Since her divorce in 2009, she has bought and sold three teardrop trailer homes to travel to the west coast and Canada four times, celebrated holidays in Bermuda and Kauai and Peru, walked three pilgrimages in Spain and Italy and Croatia, spent one winter in Bali and New Zealand, and found herself this past winter in Costa Rica on her ninth visit to this utopia she had planned to call home.
As a travel adventure addict, laBet has circled the globe to find that she never had to leave her meditation cushion to find shangrila. It took losing all of her identification in Costa Rica to wake LaBet. Today she realizes that her identity is not determined by what she does, who she knows, where or when she goes, but instead why and how her life has meaning.



Show #18

Conversation with Millie America Parmer of is back!! July 10, 2018



Millie is going to be a monthly visitor to the studio.  When you were little do you remember being shushed out of the room for big people talk?? Well this is two big women talking about life and what they are learning.

In this episode we talk about the role of children and how our attitudes nee to change regarding the preciousness of our young children.  We talk about mothers and fathers and the importance of both masculine and feminine energies in bringing balance to our relationship with each other and the earth.  And we are going to laugh our asses off in between these tough topics.






Conversation with Amma Tanya White of July 3, 2018


Born and raised in Washington DC Amma Tanya White was not born into an ideal family or environment. An early childhood riddled with severe physical abuse led to her being placed in foster care at an early age. Subsequently, at the age of 8 she suffered the traumatic loss of her mother to suicide.
These early life traumas catalyzed a deep well of empathy and compassion within her heart to the suffering and struggles of others and started her on her spiritual journey which ultimately led her to a path of healer-ship.
She is a graduate of Howard University’s school of nursing and also obtained her Master of Social Work degree from Temple University, with a specialization in somatic therapy for survivors of childhood abuse, and/or trauma. She is presently working on the completion of her PhD in Clinical Psychology.
She is also a graduate of the Full Spectrum School of Healing in Meadville, PA, founded by Shamanic healer Sandra Barnard. At Full Spectrum she studied energy healing and other alternative, mystical healing modalities and delved into deep self work to heal from the trauma of her past. Her website is



Show #16

Conversation with Kasiva Mutua, percussionist from Nairobi, Kenya performing at the 5th Annual Asheville Percussion Festival June 26, 2018


Acclaimed percussionist, Kasiva Mutua, of Nairobi, Kenya, is working to elevate the place of the African woman in music. Her exuberant performances reflect a panoply of influences, including afrobeat, zouk, samba, reggae, and soul. Kasiva is a member of the internationally-touring East African music collective, The Nile Project, and has served as a Fellow of the US State Department’s international music exchange project.  In 2017, Kasiva Mutua was named a Global TED Fellow. She now tours the world both as a solo artist and in collaboration with leading talent in an array of genres.

Describing her beginnings as a drummer, Kasiva says: “I grew up a curious child. I listened to every sound. Bird calls, cricket chirps, cowbells, and traditional drums are embedded in my mind and now I chant them in my sleep.” She was taught traditional drumming by her grandmother and continues to perpetuate her heritage and celebrate her community spirit.





Show #15

Conversation with Millie America Parmer of blog June 19, 2018


Millie America Parmer is an ever evolving story. Some of them empowering. Many of them are not. She is a writer, an optimist, a mother, a grandmother, a wife, and a friend and messenger to everyone she meets.

She is a first generation Puerto Rican Americana who moved to Asheville in 2010 from Orlando, Florida, to start a new life, a different life than the one she had lived up until then. In order to step into this new life she had to learn to let go of everything familiar to her and move through faith.
Millie left an 18 year relationship and a successful business in the corporate world to buy a motel up in the mountains with a friend. In the process of that move she lost everything: her wealth, many friends, and a comfortable life. This new beginning opened her up to spirituality. She was no longer defined by others and old programming. She became an avid lover of nature and began to use her intuition in every part of her life.

Millie has been in touch with her spiritual energy since she was a child. She has allowed those gifts to enrich her life and others around her from having her own children to adopting orphans and helping others in the community. She believes we are all stories connecting through divine guidance. Her intuitive gifts move through her with love and lots of humor.  Her life has been led by serendipitous moments and a true mystical journey. These have added to her passion for collecting and sharing stories from others.



Show #14

Conversation with Davyne Dial General Manager of WPVM FM June 12, 2018


Davyne Dial was a professional designer for 30 years. She began her professional career as a designer in New Orleans developing and operating a business in the French Quarter adjacent to Jackson Square. She re-located to Asheville in 1989 to further her studies in metal work at Penland School and John C. Campbell.

She has distributed her designs to exclusive retail shops and catalogs, nationwide. Her work has appeared in national magazines, and graced the display windows of Saks Fifth Ave flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. She has produced instructional lessons on the lost art of couture level millinery that are available on DVDs. Upon retiring from the design world, Davyne fulfilled a dream of attending Penland School of Craft to study fine metal work. She hopes to resume her metal work once the station is well established in the community.

She feels the opportunity to help develop WPVM from a dormant radio station is a thrilling challenge and an honor to be a part of developing the station to it’s fullest potential for the community.



Show #13

Interview with Giannina Callejas of the YWCA and Caitlan Wyatt of Planned Parenthood “Millennials on Sexual Health Rights” June 5, 2018


Giannina Callejas is the Coordinator of the Women’s Empowerment Department and started with the YWCA in August of 2017. She work’s to achieve the mission of the YW to “empower women and eliminate racism” by facilitating Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin-By World. The program aims to uplift women by resource connection and education. Giannina also assists in providing case management for teen parents in the YWCA’s MotherLove Program. Both programs focus on building safe and positive relationships. Giannina is a millennial who has decided to dedicate her life in supporting women towards finding their voice. Giannina is a community advocate and hopes to continue to become a prominent presence in the Asheville community.

Caitlan Wyatt is one of the lead educators at Planned Parenthood. She teaches young adults about contraceptive use, safe dating, and building healthy relationships. Caitlan dedicates her time to also teach MotherLove teens every May about their birth control options. Caitlan Wyatt will be joining Giannina Callejas as they talk about being Millennials educating generation Z.



Show #12

Interview with Melody LeBaron of May 29, 2018


As a Professional Organizer, Space Clearing practitioner, Feng Shui consultant, and Success Coach, the question Melody LeBaron helps her clients answer is: In how many ways can the spaces you live and work in support your greater success?

For decades, Melody’s clients have cleared their homes and lives of everything that isn’t serving them and created order and beauty, so that they can experience the joy that is their birthright, do their legacy work, and become the leaders the world needs!

The oldest of 7 children, Melody has been creating order and beauty out of chaos since she was a little girl, and began organizing for others in her 20s. Clients call her the “House Whisperer” because she senses the subtle energies that need to be cleared, and how each space longs to support those who live and work there.

Melody’s training in Feng Shui and Space Clearing have taught her what she always knew as an Organizer: when we partner mindfully with the spaces we live and work in, we increase the flow of abundance, health and joy in our lives. Her website is



Show #11

Interview with Sharon Oxendine with Western Women’s Business Center May 22, 2018


Sharon Oxendine has over twenty five years of non-profit and fifteen years of CDFI experience. Her education and experience includes business, financial and human services management. Sharon has worked in the Western North Carolina region for over fifteen years offering business training, lending and support for women entrepreneurs. She has a unique understanding of the needs of the under-served entrepreneurial community and has served over eleven years on the Minority Enterprise Development board. She is currently the Director at the Western Women’s Business Center at Carolina Small Business Development.

Sharon received the 2008 SBA Women’s Business Champion for the State of NC and the TWIN (Tribute to Women of Influence) award in 2006. Sharon was nominated for the nonprofit leader of the year in November 2017 by the Asheville Chamber Woman Up committee. Sharon recently received the SBA award – NC Women In Business Advocate of the Year.

As a First Nations woman hailing from the Lumbee Tribe of NC, Sharon serves in her community as a leader in bringing communities together to understand and participate in indigenous rituals and ceremonies. She spends time in her community as a mentor and an advocate for young women working to make positive changes in their lives.



Show #10

Interview with Heather Edwards of Vino and Vulvas May 15, 2018


Heather Edwards, PT, MPT has been a pelvic physical therapist for 15 years in western North Carolina. In this role, she helps people of all genders overcome their barriers to sexual health and intimacy as well as helping people heal their bodies and get back on with the important work of living their fullest lives. She has earned certificates in Sexuality Counseling and Sexuality Education from the University of Michigan School of Social Work and is in supervision for national certification.

In 2015 she founded Vino & Vulvas, an inclusive, public, monthly event that connects sexual health providers with community members through educational panel discussions about sexuality, relationships, and pelvic health. She teaches community classes such as “Field Guide to Your Crotch” and ‘Talking to Your Doctor About Your Nonbinary Crotch.” Heather created the Transgender Pelvic Health Survey (currently in progress) and teamed up with Nova Southeastern University and the Pelvic Health Research Initiative for its implementation and data analysis. She lives in Asheville, NC with her partner and two kids.



Show #9

Interview with Kimberly Hunter of Mountain BizWorks May 8, 2018


Kimberly Hunter is a former entrepreneur who formerly owned and operated various companies in western North Carolina. After three businesses and a couple of college teaching stints, Ms. Hunter now works for Mountain BizWorks as the entrepreneurship program manager. Kimberly oversees the work of many coaches and facilitators at Mountain BizWorks in providing small business owners access to many resources needed when starting, growing and exiting a business.

A Message from Kimberly Hunter.

I’m evolving. In love, purpose, strength, weakness, vision, thought and joy.
I’m evolving my feet, hands, breasts, heart, and muscles incapable of holding the weight of my short, round, and brown earth suit.
I’m evolving in laughter, tolerance, salty tear laughter longing to achieve a legacy to adore.
I’m evolving in how pain, grass, earth and work affect my vibrant spirit.
I’m evolving as Kimberly Hunter woman, full, having grieved a life I no longer hold.
I’m evolving in the next dimension of me, who I love to Be, Free as Me.
I Am Evolving


Show #8

Interview with Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues of Nourish and Flourish May 1, 2018


Dr. Chelsea Rae Verslues is a native Missourian who grew up a hunter, water-skier, yogi, and tree-climber extraordinaire.

She was born with a deep love for Earth’s flora, fauna, humanity, and the harmonious thriving of ALL.

She is devoted to humanity expressing vitality, wholeness, and the life they are born to live because THAT is the medicine for our world. She has traveled and worked and healed her way to Asheville and now delivers empowering, life-changing Network Care to her tribe at Nourish & Flourish!



Show #7

Interview with Amanda Read and Giannina Callejas of the YWCA Empowerment Department April 24, 2018


Amanda Read and Giannina Callejas are from the Women’s Empowerment Department at the YWCA of Asheville. Amanda Read is the Director of Women’s Empowerment and has been with the YWCA of Asheville for two years. Giannina Callejas is the Coordinator of Women’s Empowerment and started with the YWCA in August of 2016. Both women work to achieve the mission of the YW to empower women and eliminate racism by running two programs; MotherLove and Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin-By World. Both programs aim to uplift women by resource connection and education.

YWCA’s MotherLove is a comprehensive program for pregnant and parenting teens. The goals of the MotherLove Program are that pregnant and parenting teens stay in school, access higher education and vocational training, develop the skills and knowledge needed to become strong parents and delay another teen pregnancy.

Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin-By World is a series of 16 sessions designed to co-investigate the causes of poverty, the hidden rules of class and the resources needed by all to get ahead. Getting ahead aims to empower women of all ages and backgrounds to make financial choices that positively impact themselves, their families and their communities.

Both programs work to ensure women and families have the tools they need to pursue their dreams.



Show #6

Interview with Julie Elizabeth Day April 17, 2018


Julie Elizabeth Day is so honored and giddy to be the Birth Mama of Practical Mystics TV.

Licensed as a Spiritual Practitioner through the Agape International Spiritual Center in 2010, she is happy to have played the following Earth roles: Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Writer, Prayer Practitioner, Astro-nerd, and Mystical Adventurer. Through her spiritual travels, she has discovered Universal TRUTHS that transformed her being entirely, she has come to know and experience the Divine in a way that feels liberating, enlivening, and nourishing. Her EXPERIENCE of the Divine ultimately changed her life from one of fear and less-than-ness to one of joy, connection, MAGIC, and grace. And she wants that for you, too! In PMTV, Julie will be supporting you in numerous ways, from weekly Prayer Trips to playful interviews, to in-depth live counseling sessions, she’s all-in for helping you explore mysticism in a way that lights you up and brings more of YOU to Life! She lives with her partner, Marco, and his three magical children. They love tacos. They laugh tons. Find more information on



Show #5

Interview with Dr. Lulu Hetzler Shimek April 10, 2018


As a naturopathic physician, my goal is to empower my patients to take charge of their own wellness by providing sustainable health plans. You can think of me as your personal detective finding out what is the root cause of the “dis-ease” by utilizing natural therapies and the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. I also believe strongly in a doctor – patient relationship where we work together to achieve your health vision and your road to success.

My passion is rooted in whole foods and nutrition. I work with my patients to create new lifestyles and relationships with food by a thorough examination of the foundations of health. The healing journey can be compared to an onion with many, many layers. As we work together, these physical, emotional and energetic layers will begin to peel off. This work requires a commitment from the doctor and physician.

Find more information on Dr. Lulu and her practice at



Show #4

Interview with Tina FireWolf April 3, 2018


Tina Firewolf

Tina FireWolf has trained Middle School Science students, hordes of Scuba Diving Tourists and 2-toed sloths, but says training her mind was the most challenging of them all.


As an Author, a Singer, and a Facilitator of Remembering – Tina FireWolf, “The Cosmic Farm Girl” is igniting a “Remembering” of Sustainable Inner Peace. She combines her cosmic feral farm girl upbringing, her background in Science, Leadership, and Education with her multi-tonal Vocalizations to accelerate and simplify personal development. She shares a light-hearted, and simplified approach to the HOW of Self Leadership & Personal Healing by empowering folks to sing themselves into Sustainable Inner Peace.

She is dedicated to building a world where we communicate and experience productivity from a powerfully peaceful place. Purchase her book Beneath the Chatter: The Wise Self Awaits on her new CD “Medicine Within – Vocalizations to Free Your Soul.” You can connect with Tina at



Show #3

Interview with Danielle McClennan on March 27, 2018


Danielle McClennan Scratch Made Media

Danielle McClennan isn’t in the business of making videos; she’s in the business of making conscious companies better off by delivering results that increase the value of their business. Danielle helps her clients do good AND do well by leveraging the power of story to build a connection with the right audience, at the right time. She has been helping clients achieve their goals with solid strategy and compelling videos for almost a decade. Danielle owns Scratch Made Media, a video marketing consultancy based in Asheville, NC. Find her online at Scratch Made Media.


In addition to making marketing videos, Danielle recently launched Scratch Made Family Legacy Films. These artful films offer her clients a way to build a bridge between the past and the future by connecting new generations with the family they love so much right now.


Show #2

Interview with Adora Winquist on March 20, 2018


Adora Winquist

Since 1998 Adora through her company Opus Gaia has supported clients in their quest for stress reduction, personal growth, and overall health and wellness with a vast selection of true aromatherapy products, working privately and in group sessions.


In practice as an energy healer and aromatherapist her training encompasses a diverse study in vibrational medicine, including Reiki, gem and flower essences, aromatherapy, and essential oils. Her essential oils studies led her from The School for Aromatic Studies to Rutgers University, where she completed Advanced Studies in the International Training Program for Essential Oils. She has studied and traveled through India and Egypt. She is also a graduate of the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a specialized four-year college for the study of vibrational healing with a focus in hands-on healing, the human energy field, and psychodynamics. Adora is a graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition.


Adora has been a mentor and teacher for countless women in accessing and embodying their personal feminine power. She was featured as an alternative practitioner for a PBS special on hospice care. Adora has also given lectures on alternative healing modalities and facilitated group healing work across the United States. For more info on Adora’s healing services you can email her at


Show #1

Interview with Nasrin Safai March 13, 2018


Nasrin Safai

Nasrin Safai is an internationally renowned visionary, author, and educator in holistic and behavioral health and personal growth. She is the author of several books in the field of self-help and spiritual growth and a popular life coach with all her students from around the globe.


Nasrin is the founder of the Foundation for the Attainment of Global Unity (FAGU). FAGU is the Mother organization for Nasrin’s Waves of Bliss & Path to Enlightenment (PTE) Mystery School. PTE Mystery School provides an online educational resource offering over 300 classes and courses in Energy Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, anxiety and stress release, as well as behavioral health and self-regulation. This body of material and several published books culminate Nasrin’s personal experience of over 30 years in the field and allows for the dissemination of her teachings under one umbrella.

For more information Nasrin can be found online here or you may contact Nasrin directly via email


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