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Wild Heart is a talk show that explores what it means to live with a wild heart. My guests are from the unique community of Asheville, NC living true to their passion. Every Tuesday from 5-6 pm we engage in conversation sharing stories, triumphs and ways of life to inspire the freedom of heart. Guests are from all walks of life—those in the arts, social justice, the environment, and more. It may be a public figure who rallies for human rights, a passionate poet, an entrepreneur, or a farmer living quietly in deep connection with the land. I also share anecdotes, poems and comments from people in the community with a wild-hearted perspective. So, if there’s something you’d like to share, please get in touch at laura@lauraelliott.com

Listen live on Tuesdays at 5 pm through the waves or online.  And if you missed a show, please tune in to the archives below.


8/8/17 – Kathryn Abernathy & Diane English / Artists

Tune in to this wild-hearted conversation with two Asheville artists and be inspired by their stories, their journeys that led them to life as an artist, and their insights on spirituality, trust, and healing through creativity.  Both Kathryn and Diane are self-taught artists who threw caution to wind and followed their dreams. And both have studios in the River Arts District, across the street from each other at 372 and 375 Depot Street. Visit www.kathrynabernathyart.com and www.greatcosmichappyass.com.


7/25/17 – Sandra Blake / Inspirational Speaker

Sandra Blake is a minister, professional speaker, and facilitator of inspirational programs.  She has shared her programs on self-esteem and self-awareness across the country, lifting spirits and making an impact on hundreds of lives.  Sandra’s commitment is to empower others to pursue their dreams with purpose, passion, and perseverance.  Tune in to be inspired as she shares stories of her work in the world, as well as the stories that have shaped her own path. sandra.blake1946@yahoo.com


7/18/17 – Daniel Foor / Ancestral Medicine

Daniel Foor is a teacher and practitioner of practical animism, specializing in ancestral and family healing. Since 2005, he has guided hundreds of trainings, rituals, and talks throughout the US and assisted many in reconnecting with their ancestors through personal sessions. His focus on ancestral healing stems from his experience as a psychotherapist, his studies in earth-honoring traditions from around the world, and two decades of implementing the teachings of ancestor reverence in his own life. His book, Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing is newly released this month.  Visit www.ancestralmedicine.org.


7/11/17 – Jenny Roberts / Heartistree Studios

Jenny Roberts is a local film and video producer with a unique talent to tell others’ stories in a personal and intimate way.  Her 2014 feature film directorial debut “Pieces of Tangier,” documents a small island community off the coast of Virginia that has been around for over 400 years and is threatened by erosion.  It was screened across the East Coast to raise awareness about the erosion problem, and has recently has been in the news again with a CNN report. To highlight the urgency of the problem, funds have been raised to send over 500 copies of the film to congress members.  Visit www.heartistree.com. 


6/27/17 – Kathey Avery / ABIP

Kathy Avery is a registered nurse for the Asheville Buncombe Institute for Parity Achievement (ABIPA).  The mission of ABIPA is to promote economic, social, and health parity achievement for African Americans and other people of color in Buncombe County through advocacy, education, research, and community partnerships.  Kathey is a long-time community activist in the Asheville area and last year won an award at UNCA for “Unsung Heroes: A Grand Celebration of Latinx and Black Resilience.” Tune in to hear Kathey’s own remarkable story of resilience, including her strong-minded, wild-hearted philosophies of life. Visit www.abipa.org.


6/20/17 – Ryan McCullough & Ben Fehsenfeld / REACH

REACH is a new and exciting collaboration with the mission to end homelessness. The brainchild of Ryan McCullough, a realtor with Keller Williams, its goal is to encourage realtors to donate 1% of their commission to Homeward Bound of WNC. Together with a few others from the Asheville community, Ryan and Ben Fehsenfeld, Development & Communications Officer for Homeward Bound, are spearheading this effort which they hope to become a model for other cities across the country. Tune in to hear this inspiring conversation. Visit www.homewardboundwnc.org/reach.


6/13/17 – Laurie McGee / Wild-hearted Entrepreneur

Laurie McGee has traveled the world and lived in far-away places, shaping her livelihood accordingly. Based in Asheville and Colorado, her latest entrepreneurial venture is representing a line of hemp based products from Colorado, called Botana. Cannibis (hemp) has been at the center of one of the most exciting and under reported developments in modern science. Tune in to hear about its fascinating history and the many health-benefiting properties of CBD.  Visit www.coloradocbds.simdif.com.


6/6/17 – Celeste Ametrine / TRE Provider

Celeste is a Certified TRE Provider (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises). After a severe accident led to the end of a corporate career, she sold her property and set out on a quest to be healed.  Eventually, she discovered TRE and after just one session felt the relief she was looking for.  So inspired by the exercises, Celeste became certified as a provider.  These exercises were created by Dr David Berceli who used to be Mother Teresa’s “right hand man.”  He works with traumatized individuals and communities around the world—including soldiers with PTSD and victims of violence.  Tune in to this incredibly inspiring story.  Visit  www.traumaprevention.com and  www.celesteametrine.com.


5/30/17 – Lillian Lovingood / Community Activist

Lillian is a recent graduate of UNCA who is making a difference in the world through her passion for volunteerism. Last November, the day after the election, she created CADDIS–Community Activists Devoting Desire for Inclusion through Service, which serves as a resource for local volunteer needs. Lillian is the Clean Communities Coordinator for Asheville Greenworks, as well as an Americorp Project Conserve. Later this year, she will be heading to Guinea, Africa to work in the Peace Corps.  Tune in to this inspiring conversation and learn about some of the enriching ways to become involved in our community.  Visit www.ashevillegreenworks.org and www.facebook.com/CADDISserves.


5/23/17 – Chuck Collins / Institute for Policy Studies

Visiting Asheville this week is Chuck Collins–a storyteller, researcher and campaigner who grew up in the wealthiest 1% of America.  At 26 he gave up his inheritance and has spent the last 30 years working on issues of racial and economic justice, and shifting the national debate on wealth inequality, racial wealth divisions, and taxation.  He is a senior scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC, where he co-edits Inequality.org.  His latest book is Born on Third Base: A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good.   Visit www.Inequality.org.


5/16/17 – Bill Hodge / Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards (SAWS)

Bill Hodge is the founder and director of SAWS — a non-profit dedicated to providing stewardship of our wildest places in the Southern Appalachian.  Their mission is to educate, cultivate and empower the public to become engaged as stewards of our protected public lands.  A recipient of the Champion of Change Award from the White House, Bill’s passion for the beauty of our wilderness places is inspiring; his stories informative and enlightening.  Visit www.wildernessstewards.org


5/9/17 – Guy Sayles / Writer, Speaker, & Consultant

A few years ago Guy Sayles began a life-changing journey when faced with cancer–a journey that he describes as an intensive course in embodiment.  As a writer, speaker, and consultant, Guy helps people discover the fullness of life at the intersection of everyday demands and the longing for meaning. He is the assistant professor of religion at Mars Hill University, and formerly served in pastoral ministry for four decades, most recently at First Baptist Church of Asheville.  Tune in to hear his insightful and inspiring stories of courage, vulnerability, and spiritual resiliency.  Visit www.fromtheintersection.org.


Eliada Foster Care Month interview 5.2.17  

5/2/17 – Kelly Shusko / Director of Foster Care

In recognition of Foster Care Month, my guest on this show was Kelly Shusko, the Director of Foster Care for Elaida of Asheville. Eliada has been caring for children since 1903, making it the oldest non-profit in Western North Carolina. They envision a world where children’s needs are met in a caring environment. To make this vision a reality Eliada provides support for children and families in crisis with programs designed to address physical, social, emotional, educational and spiritual needs. Kelly’s passion for this work is infectious — tune in to hear her inspiring stories.  Visit  www.eliada.org.


4/18/17 – Kerry Gaydos & Brandon Davis / Food Fight Farm

In recognition of Earth Day, April 22nd, my guests on this show are the founders of Food Fight Farm–a CSA in Mars Hill, NC. Kerry and Brandon’s mission is to make fresh produce more accessible to all, offering a unique approach for the distribution of shares. Their passion for the care of the land inspires an ongoing practice of permaculture with a focus on building the health of the soil, thereby creating a heathy ecosystem. Their collection of mushrooms–18 species–plays a big part in the cultivation of this ecosystem, as well as offering other surprising remedies for the health of earth and humans.  Visit www.food-fight-farm.com.


4/11/17 – Greg Edge / Little Rainbow Sanctuary

Greg is the passionate founder of Little Rainbow, an animal sanctuary in Black Mountain that is in the midst of being created from decades of animal rescues, volunteering, and sanctuary efforts around the globe.  Since a young age, Greg’s passion has been to care for the less fortunate, both human and non-human.  Tune in to hear his fascinating stories that illustrate his dedication to the cause, such as the rescue of hundreds of chickens from the Bronx. Visit www.littlerainbowsanctuary.wordpress.com.


4/4/17 – Marta Alcala-Williams / Community Activist

Tune in to this rare and honest conversation on racism. A passionate activist, Marta is the Director of Parent U–a community collaboration led by Asheville City Schools that offers assistance to parents and promotes student development. She also helps coordinate Asheville programs for the national Racial Equity Institute–an indepth process designed to help those who want to proactively understand and address racism. And Marta is also a fitness instructor for the YWCA–something she does not only for her participants, but also for herself to help maintain balance in her active life.  Visit www.racialequityinstitute.org.


3/28/17 – Naima Dido / Activist for Human Rights & Women’s Empowerment

Originally from Kenya, Naima arrived in the US at age 11 as a refugee, along with her family. Currently, the program director for Seed Programs International, Naima has worked with underprivileged refugee communities in the US and Africa for over 20 years. Her work, volunteerism, and life experience feed her passion for self-sufficiency and human dignity. Tune in to hear her inspiring story and the good works of Seed Programs Inter’l, whose mission is to provide good quality seed, expertise, and training materials to humanitarian organizations working around the world to alleviate hunger and poverty.  Visit www.seedprograms.org.


3/21/17 – Shalene Hill / Musician & Infant Swimming Resource Instructor

Known as a “swim whisperer,” Shalene is a singer by calling and a swim instructor by trade–and combines the two. She is the area’s only Certified Infant Swimming Resource Instructor, teaching life saving skills to children as young as six months. Tune in to hear the story of her passion and her beautifully composed lullaby. Shalene also shares a story-song that she uses with children while they are in the pool, to help them trust the water and relax into the movements. Visit her Facebook page at Shalene Swim School.


3/14/17 – Meghan O’Malley / Life Coach & Psychotherapist

Tune in for a vibrant conversation on “fierce love.” Meghan is passionate about supporting women in living an empowered life of truth, joy, and authentic connection… “When we courageously live our truth from a place of heart-centered badassery, it allows our most authentic life to find us. We are then empowered to claim the life we were meant to live.”  Meghan connects with people straight from the heart, offering an unconventional approach to therapy.  Visit www.fierceloveway.com.


3/7/17 – Shannon Knapp / Horse Sense of the Carolinas

Shannon is the founder of Horse Sense, an internationally-recognized leader in the field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. She has worked with and taught horses and people for over 30 years. After 10 years of college teaching, Shannon left academia and began working with abused and neglected horses. In 2001, she began pairing “rescued” horses with people, working with groups and individuals, such as veterans and youth at risk. Tune in to hear about the fascinating and natural healing power of horses.  Visit www.horsesenseotc.com.


2/28/17 – DeWayne Barton / Hood Huggers Inter’l

As a sculptor, poet and community activist, DeWayne Barton is a passionate voice of Asheville. Tune in to hear his mission for building an African American culture of stability that’s inclusive and economically just through the arts, social enterprise and the environment. Through Hood Huggers, he offers tours of Asheville’s African American communities and landmarks to highlight the resilient heritage of this culture.  Visit www.hoodhuggers.com.


2/21/17 – Rob Neufeld / History Writer, Author & Editor

Following the theme of Black History Month, tune in to this fascinating conversation to hear in-depth stories of Asheville’s African-American heritage. Rob is a long-time local history writer and book reviewer for the Asheville Citizen Times, editor of the journals of Gail Godwin, creator of The Read on WNC, and author of several publications, including A Pop History of WNC: Mountains, Heroes & Hootnoggers.  Visit www.thereadonwnc.ning.com.


2/14/17 – Johnnie Grant/The Urban News & Tyrone Greenlee/Christians for a United Community

In this week’s show we continue the conversation on creating community and in particular, the challenges of renewing the African-American community in Asheville.  Both Johnnie and Tyrone are active in these efforts, making a difference through their work in the world.  Tune in to this poignant exchange as they share their heartfelt stories and deep rooted passions for healing the past, preserving their culture, and building greater harmony amidst the challenges.  Visit www.theurbannews.com and www.christiansforaunitedcommunity.com.


2/7/17 – Nikita Smart/Hillcrest Outreach Coordinator & Keynon Lake/DHHS Community Service Navigator

Tune in to this inspiring conversation to hear how Nikita and Keynon are making a difference in the world through their passionate efforts in creating community. Nikita’s position at Hillcrest is through the Women’s Wellbeing & Development Fdn (WWD-F) — a nonprofit that empowers women and children to achieve personal growth and community development.  Keynon Lake is the author of the book,”My Daddy Taught Me That,” which is also a nonprofit youth development program designed to support young males, ages 12-19, in WNC through advocacy, education, and mentoring.  Visit www.wwd-f.org and www.mydaddytaughtmethat.org.


1/31/17 – Kendall Hale, Amanda Krause & Angela Stone / Women’s March in D.C.

Tune in for a vibrant conversation with these three wild-hearted women from Asheville who travelled to D.C. for the Women’s March. Spanning three generations–Kendall, Angela and Amanda are actively involved, locally and beyond, in social justice issues–in particular, the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The recent film Equal Means Equal will be shown at The Block Off Biltmore in Asheville on Feb 12th at 4pm.  Visit www.equalmeansequal.com, www.eracoalition.org, www.era-nc.org.


1/17/17 – Carol Kessler / The Election Monologues

Carol is a long-time actress and writer who facilitated an event called, The Election Monologues, performed on 1/20/17 at The Block Off Biltmore in Asheville. Inspired by story coach Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, the Monologues are scripted writings of 6-10 people giving voice to their feelings about the US election. Asheville was one of 14 cities across the country where the Monologues were performed.  Carol spent a year writing under the tutelage of Rubinstein.  Tune in to hear the fascinating story of her journey as a writer/actress and the spirit of trust in which she relies on to guide her every move.


1/10/16 – Danae Aicher, James Lee, & Gerry Leonard / Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a non-profit organization in Asheville with the mission to dismantle racism by fostering relationships that respect diversity, seek understanding, and encourage action. Since 1993, they have been offering educational programs to pursue this mission. My guests are on the board of Building Bridges and are also facilitators for the programs. Tune in to be inspired by their passion for this service and the ways this vibrant organization is making a difference in our community. Visit www.buildingbridges-ashevillenc.org. 


1/3/16 – Alice Bare & Mary McGlauflin/Community Activists

Two passionate and socially-minded women from our community, Alice and Mary, join me in conversation on the collective new beginning that this new year in particular brings. How do we hold our ground and stay centered amidst the coming changes? How do we stand in the spirit of love amidst people, ideas and policies that are counter to our own? What is required for co-existence amidst an increasing global diversity…for true connection?  Tune in to be inspired by this powerfully authentic conversation.


12/27/16 – Noel Schwartz/Creative Peacemakers 

Noel Schwartz is the founder of Creative Peacemakers – an after school program in Asheville for children at risk.  The program is based on the work of Kelly Guinan, author of Peace Quest and Go With Peace, as well as the work of Marian Wright Edelman. Tune in to be inspired by Noel’s passion for this work and hear the story of how Creative Peacemakers is making a difference in the lives of children and our community.  Visit creativepeacemakers.com.


12/20/16 – Patti Elledge/Somatic Experiencing Practitioner 

Patti Elledge is a seasoned therapist of nearly 40 years, specializing in trauma healing, attachment and applied neuroscience. Tune in to hear some fascinating stories that illustrate the powerful effects of Somatic Experiencing.  Patti’s work is a true gift for those suffering from trauma.  Her passion for healing is inspiring and insightful, especially at this time of great upheaval in the world.  You may contact Patti at patelledge@hotmail.com.


12/13/16 – Yvonne Scott/Environmentalist  

Yvonne Scott is an author, educator and passionate caretaker of Mother Earth.  Having recently returned from North Dakota, Yvonne shares the unique and heartfelt story of her journey along the entire route of the disputed Bakken Pipeline — from Petoka, IL to Standing Rock. A native of central Illinois, she describes the experience of witnessing the destruction of her homeland, encourages awareness of the battleground in Iowa, and shares her experience in Standing Rock from the perspective of an elder. Visit her blog at www.healtheheartland.blogspot.com.

11/29/16 – Heidi Swann/aSHEville Museum  

Heidi Swann is the passionate founder of aSHEville Museum – a women’s cultural museum with exhibits sharing stories, achievements and causes for justice, locally and globally. Also joining the conversation is Sue Fernbach of Dining for Women – a global non-profit dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls in the developing world. The museum features many of the organizations that Dining for Women supports. Tune in to be inspired by the stories of these good works and their own personal journeys.  Visit ashevillemuseum.com and diningforwomen.org.


11/15/16 – Bill Whipple / Nutty Buddy Collective

Bill Whipple is the founder of the Nutty Buddy Collective — a collection of five guys that are passionate about growing fruits and nuts for the betterment of the world.  Their mission is to establish long-term plantings of native and well-adapted crops, focusing on hickory, black walnut, chestnut, hazelnut, paw paw, aronia berry, elderberry, cider apples and pears. They are partnering with conservation-minded landowners who have underutilized land and developing models of resilient ecological agriculture — business models that care for people and the land.  Visit www.nuttybuddycollective.com.


11/8/16 – Elizabeth Pavka, PhD/Wholisic Nutritionist  

I met Elizabeth at the farmer’s market and immediately felt her passion for food. For nearly 30 years as a nutritionist, she has been counseling, teaching, writing, and speaking about ways to improve health through food, supplements and herbs–as well as healthy lifestyle choices, such as detoxing. Tune in to hear some fascinating stories and great tips of advice, such as the importance of magnesium and which kind to use.  Visit www.elizabethpavka.com.

11/1/16 – Donna Rohlf, PhD/Human Design Analyst & Storyteller  

I invited Donna to be back on the show (a guest from seven weeks ago) after later hearing the remarkable story of her father-in-law and his business partner–two wild-hearted men who escaped the ravages of the holocaust by being true to themselves.  Tune in, to hear her story.  We also segued into poetry with Donna sharing her beautiful and light-humored words of inspiration.  Visit www.sashiflag.com.

10/25/16 – Carol Anders/WPVM Show Host for Asheville ‘n the Arts 

At WPVM our show hosts are passionate about their subject matter. Carol Anders is no exception. Tune in to hear the story of her passion for the arts. Carol has a wealth of knowledge about our local art scene and an infectious enthusiasm for the importance of supporting our local artists, of all genres, who make our community such a vibrant place to live. Be inspired, also, by her personal story of how she navigates the seasons of her life, living true to the wildness of heart.  Tune in to Asheville ‘n the Arts on Thursdays @ 11am and Sundays @ 2pm.

10/18/16 – Haidee Wilson/Artist, Poet  

Haidee Wilson is an adventurer of the heart.  After retiring from a 40-year nursing career she took a leap to pursue her dreams. Tune in to hear the inspiring stories of her evolving passion as an artist & poet, and her recent two-month stay in France.  To view her artworks visit www.haideewilson.com.

10/11/16 – Bob Votruba/One Million Acts of Kindness

My guest on this show is someone who truly lives with the freedom of heart. Nearly eight years ago Bob Votruba let go of it all and took a leap to follow his heart. Touched by the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, he was inspired to make a difference by encouraging kindness–inviting people to commit to one million acts of kindness.  Crisscrossing the country with Bogart, his canine companion, Bob has been spreading his message and offering programs on kindness to schools and communities.  His blue-painted bus is filled with inspiring messages and can be seen in Asheville until Oct 20th on Biltmore Ave near the French Broad Co-op.  Visit www.onemillionactsofkindness.com. 

10/4/16 – Iva Veazey/Pianist, Composer, Teacher  

Tune in for conversation on the ways of the wild heart as we share poetry and reflections on living devoted to the calling of the soul. Iva Veazey has followed the circuitous path of her wild heart, trusting the curiosity of life to guide her way. Her personal path has influenced an innovative style of teaching that inspires a freedom of expression with her students.  An excellent pianist and composer, Iva shares one of her compositions, The Water’s Edge.  Her website is in progress; meanwhile she may be reached at ivavz@me.com.

9/27/16 – Stu Helm/Food Writer & Show Host 

My guest on this show is someone who indeed lives with the passion of his wild heart.  And that passion is food.  Stu Helm is a fellow producer here at WPVM.  His show is called The Food Fan, which airs on Fridays at 5pm, when he and chef Joe Scully discuss the Asheville food scene.  Stu not only talks about food, he writes about food and dare I say also enjoys eating food.  Tune in to hear the story behind his passion. Visit www.ashevillefoodtours.com.

9/20/16 – Tina FireWolf/Healing Arts Practitioner, Consultant, Speaker

Living with the freedom of a wild heart is living at one with our true nature.  Yet, many, if not most of us, grow up with a tamed heart, living according to prescriptions from the outside world rather than the juiciness of our inner wisdom.  Eventually, hopefully, we embark on a path of self-discovery to then lead our lives from within.  My guest today is Tina FireWolf who has walked this tumultuous path. Now, as a teacher, speaker, energy medicine practitioner, and spiritual guide, Tina helps others discover the power within and learn to express themselves fully in every aspect of life.  Tina is also the author of Beneath the Chatter: the wise self awaits.  Visit www.tinafirewolf.com.

9/13/16 – Donna Rohlf, PhD/Human Design Analyst 

The world can be a challenging place to navigate when in search of our true path in life. My guest on this show is Dr. Donna Rohlf, who assists in the shift from survival functioning to the glory of a purpose-filled life.  Donna shares practical navigational tools to harness inner security and the development of one’s potential through what is called Human Design. A former psychoanalyst from New York, Donna settled in the mountains four years ago for a more peaceful pace of life. She consults with families, individuals and corporations worldwide. Her life is dedicated to inspiring humanity to better educate each child to know their true potential.  Visit www.sashiflag.com.

9/6/16 – Laurel Davis, PhD/Holistic Vet & Animal Interpreter  

Living true to the wild call of the heart is a courageous path that often challenges the ways of convention.  My guest today is Dr Laurel Davis, a holistic vet and “animal interpreter” who lives this wild call.  Laurel offers a unique synergy of conventional, preventative, intuitive and alternative treatments.  She works to strengthen the relationship between animals and their human friends as the basis of true and lasting healing.  Laurel started her practice in Asheville 20 years ago by making house calls and now has a successful clinic called Sunvet Animal Wellness, offering her services locally and across the country.  Visit sunvetanimalwellness.com.

8/30/16 – Rev David Keller & Emily Wilmer/Oasis of Wisdom  

With me on this show are two wild hearts that have joined together to inspire intimacy with God through a community called the Oasis of Wisdom—an institute for contemplative studies, practice and living. Rev. David Keller and Emily Wilmer are the stewards of this community. Emily is a spiritual director, speaker, facilitator of workshops and retreats, and has offered her services throughout the US and UK. She is also a published poet and lay preacher in the Episcopal church. David, also a minister of the Episcopal Church, is the director of the Contemplative Ministry Project and is an author of several books, including a collaboration with Thomas Keating. After graduating from General Seminary in New York City, the first 20 years of his ministry was in Alaska, much of that time spent out in the bush; 350 miles from the nearest road, he did his ministry by dog team and open boat.  Still adventurers of the heart, Emily and David have been in the Asheville area for seven years, and now spend more of their time a little closer to home.   Visit www.oasisofwisdom.net.

8/23/16 – Abby Roach/The Spoon Lady 

Abby Roach, known as “The Spoon Lady,” is one of the most loved street performers of Asheville, delighting tourists with her rare talent of making music with spoons.  A full-time musician, Abby has crisscrossed the country visiting all 48 states, has recorded albums, and has been recruited by “America’s Got Talent.” Also a music historian and storyteller, Abby hopes to keep the art form of traditional spoon playing alive by offering lessons, workshops, and performances—in private venues, as well as on the street. Active in our local community, Abby is president of the Asheville Buskers Collective, and also hosts a show here on WPVM, the Busker Broadcast, on Mondays at 4pm.  Visit www.spoonladymusic.com

8/16/16 – Barrie Barton/Stand and Deliver 

Barrie Barton is the founder and lead facilitator of Stand and Deliver, a presentation and communication skills coaching firm.  Barrie combines decades of experience as an educator, performer, choreographer, and producer to offer a unique style of teaching that challenges and empowers you to stand up and deliver in a more powerful and confident way.  She teaches with a passion to motivate and encourage you to reach your finest potential.  Actively involved in the Asheville community, she taught for 22 years as a Dance Educator in the Buncombe County School System, serves as Artistic Director of Community Choreography Projects, and has produced five multi-media productions at the Diana Wortham Theatre.  Visit www.standanddeliverasheville.com.

8/9/16 – LuLu Shimek/Naturopathic Doctor  

Living with the freedom of heart requires a sense of empowerment—feeling the strength and confidence to create a life true to who you are. The degree of our physical well-being can greatly affect our ability to create and manage the life we desire. My guest on this show is Dr LuLu Shimek, whose goal is to empower her patients to take charge of their own health by teaching them about prevention, wellness, sustainable health, and lifelong vitality. LuLu is a naturopathic doctor with a vast realm of experience in the healing arts and sciences—including homeopathic and herbal medicine, and massage and energy therapy.  Visit www.doclulu.com.

8/2/16 – Mamie Adams/STOP Human Trafficking Coordinator for Our VOICE 

Living with the freedom of heart is an elusive way of life for many.  And unfortunately, for too many, freedom of life itself is the first challenge. My guest on this show is someone whose daily mission is to free the lives of those subject to human trafficking.  Mamie Adams is the STOP Human Trafficking Coordinator for Our VOICE — a non-profit organization based in Asheville that serves those in Buncombe County affected by sexual assault and abuse, through counseling, advocacy and education.  Mamie began her advocacy efforts while attending the American University in Cairo, working with refugees from Sudan. Upon her return to the US, she continued resettling refugees from Iraq, Burma, and Nepal. Her background also includes housing advocacy for homeless people with HIV.   Visit www.ourvoicenc.org.

7/26/16 – Stephen Wood/Wilderness Composer 

My guest on this show is someone who travels the country in search of inspiration for musical compositions, finding it in some of nature’s most wild places.  Musician, Stephen Wood, calls himself a Wilderness Composer, with a focus in Jazz, Classical, and Afro-Cuban music. Stephen’s visionary pursuits fusing Wilderness, Art, and Environmental Education are receiving national attention through his work with the national preservation system, designated Wilderness Areas, and many community based nature preserves.  Visit www.stephenwoodmusic.com.

7/12/16 – Rob Jacoby/The Map to Love 

Have you ever thought it would be great to have a map to help navigate the human journey and those challenges of the heart… a map to help find your way through the ebbs and flows of love, life and loss.  With me on this show is someone who has created such a map.  Rob Jacoby is a psychotherapist, survival instructor, artist and author of The Map to Love: How to Navigate the Art of the Heart.  He draws on 20 years of experience helping people from all walks of life find their way through the challenging terrain of emotional tur bulence. His passion for creativity drives the spontaneity and rhythm of the prose and presentation that is so delightful in this book.  Visit www.themaptolove.com.

7/5/16 – Sheila Dunn/Dining for Women 

Today’s guest is Sheila Dunn, a retired company executive and business owner.  Since her retirement she has transformed the acreage of her lawn into an edible garden with over a 100 varieties of fruit trees and shrubs. A few years ago, her love of food combined forces with her passion for social justice. She unexpectedly started a local chapter for an organization called Dining for Women—a global initiative that is dedicated to transforming lives among women and girls in the developing world.  Visit www.diningforwomen.org.

6/28/16 – Laura Elliott/Wild Heart 

A last minute glitch prevented my scheduled guest from making it on the show. I therefore had the wonderful opportunity to walk my talk and live with a wild heart–offering an impromptu sharing of my poetry and personal life stories. Enjoy!  Visit www.lauraelliott.com.

6/21/16 – Ursula Jorch/Work Alchemy 

My guest on this show is someone who has followed the freedom of her own wild heart and now helps others in the pursuit of their dreams and passions. Ursula Jorch teaches and mentors entrepreneurs to achieve financial success and make a positive contribution in the world. Blending business strategy and leadership development, Ursula works with business owners and professionals to clarify and embrace their positive impact and empower their future.  Visit www.workalchemy.com.

6/14/16 – Martha Jane Petersen/Imaging My Inner Fire  

The wild nature of our heart can lead us down unexpected paths.  In fact, I think this is one way of knowing that we’re living true to life—when these paths show up.  The challenge can be to allow ourselves to follow the unexpected.  My guest on this show is someone who faced this challenge later in life, eventually allowing herself to follow a new path as an artist.  From Black Mountain, Martha Jane Petersen is now a self-taught fabric artist and creates what she calls “improvisational art quilts.”  Her quilts have been exhibited throughout the eastern states, and as far west as Oregon.  Born a southerner, mission service has taken her to Mexico, Taiwan, and for 13 years to West Africa.  Also a writer, Martha Jane will be sharing excerpts from her book, Imaging My Inner Fire, which tells the story of her evolving career path and what it means to be an improvisational artist. Visit www.marthajanepetersen.com.

6/7/16 – Western Women’s Business Center of The Support Center /                                                                                                                                             Victor Palomino, Rose-Marie Vieira, Francine Popular, & Gregory Popular

My guests on this show are with the Western Women’s Business Center at The Support Center—an organization in Asheville with the mission to provide high quality technical assistance and supportive programs that reduce barriers and serve as a catalyst to the success of entrepreneurs, particularly women and minorities who are socially and economically disadvantaged.  From the Center are Victor Palomino, Program Associate and Rose-Marie Vieira, Event Coordinator.  Also joining is Francine Popular and her son Gregory who have created a successful business with the support of the Center. Their business is called Wema Global, which benefits people in her home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by sending second-hand clothing to the Congo for resale. Visit www.thesupportcenter-nc.org.

5/24/16 – Kate Groch/Good Work Foundation  

My guest on this show is someone who’s passionate heart holds no small dream…that dream is to influence and change the thinking of an entire generation.  And she is not just holding this dream, she is living it.  Kate Groch is the founder and CEO of the Good Work Foundation, which is creating a new model of education for rural South Africa through community-driven digital learning centers of excellence. She sees this model being replicated throughout the developing world. We met while she was in Asheville giving a talk about the Foundation.  I invited Kate to be on the show, not just because she lives with the passion of a wild heart, but also because I believe that what she is doing can inspire the American education system, right here in our own neighborhood. Joining us for the first half of the show is Asheville resident, Ursula Jorch, who has gone to the South Africa to volunteer for Good Work, offering her skills as a teacher and consultant in finance and leadership development. Visit www.goodworkfoundation.

 5/17/16 – Julia & Mark Goldthwaite/Asheville Guitar Bar 

There’s much change going on in Asheville these days—the influx of new businesses, hotels, and road systems… Amidst all this, two local entrepreneurs in the River Arts District, Mark & Julia Goldthwaite, are keeping up with the changes while also keeping dear to our hearts what’s unique about Asheville.  Mark & Julia are creating a new hub for local and visiting artists, called the Asheville Guitar Bar, located in the historic Cotton Mill Studios, and due to open the first week of June.  Three years ago, their wild hearts took a leap from the corporate world to open their current business, called The Paintbox—an art and framing studio in the Pink Dog Creative building. Their new venue, the Guitar Bar, created with a Bordello Chic atmosphere, will feature live music and encourage the gathering of artists of all genres. Visit www.thecottonmillstudios.com.

4/19/16 – John & Nicole Mahshie/Veterans Healing Farm  

What is it like for veterans returning from the military? How do they integrate back into civilian life?  Many lack the tools, support and resources needed to meet these challenges. My guests for this show are John and Nicole Mahshie whose wild hearts are addressing these challenges through the healing powers of land and community. Three years ago they started the Veterans Healing Farm, located in Hendersonville, just southwest of Asheville. Its mission is to create a thriving community by fostering friendships and farming of the land — to cultivate emotional, physical and spiritual health for veterans. Visit www.veteranshealingfarm.org.

4/12/16 – Brent Martin/The Wilderness Society  

Brent Martin goes to battle nearly everyday on behalf of mother nature—in the pursuit of freedom for our wilderness places. He is the Regional Director of The Wilderness Society for the Southern Appalachia, which is based in Asheville’s neighboring community of Sylva. Brent maintains the freedom of his own wild heart through creative pursuits such as painting and poetry, and has given readings of his works at Malaprop’s bookstore in downtown Asheville. Visit www.wilderness.org.

3/29/16 – Cappy Tosetti/Explorer

Cappy Tosetti truly lives with a wild heart.  She is a writer, teacher, caring steward of animals and the earth who embraces life with a big “Yes.” Cappy lives with a keen interest in others and the goal to encourage people to live their dreams. You will hear stories of how curiosity guides her path… including an upcoming trip to England for research on Agatha Christie and on to Scotland for interviews about draft horses.

3/22/16 – Marsha Crites/Clean Slate Coalition 

Marsha Crites is helping to free the hearts of women who are in transition from traumatic situations. She is a woman of many talents, with a strong presence in the world.  Her own wild heart has made a difference in the lives of many through her work in social justice, chaplaincy, leadership training, and public speaking, to name a few. Marsha is the co-founder of Clean Slate Coalition which provides housing and support to help rebuild the lives of women in transition from incarceration and other traumatic life circumstances. Visit www.cleanslatecoalition.org.

3/1/16 – Creators of The SPOT AVL 

There’s been a new birthing on Biltmore Avenue.  It’s called The SPOT AVL.  And from what I’ve heard, it’s been born with the freedom of a wild heart.  Located at 76 Biltmore next to the Food Co-op, The SPOT is an event space and cafe, with the purpose of creating a conscious community hub – offering nutrition, education and the arts.  Five of its creators gathered in conversation: Razi’el Muntasir, Eva Austin, Evan Buckman, Didi Jenkins, and Kerrigan McCarthy.

2/23/16 – George Handy/Artist

George Handy is a local potter, sculptor, herbalist and entrepreneur. The freedom of his wild heart has led him along a circuitous career path. Growing up in the world of horse racing, he chose the life of an artist for most of his career. In the last five years, George has returned to horse racing as the owner of HomeStretch Herbs helping to free the hearts of our equine friends. Visit www.georgehandy.com.

2/16/16 – Joan & Andre Naylor/Social Activists 

In December, Joan and Andre heard about the tragic story of the refugee camp in Calais, France called “The Jungle.” Now, just two months later their wild heart is taking them to Calais as volunteers. At this time, approximately 6,000 people are living in The Jungle, named such by the refugees due to the animal-like living conditions. People from countries such as Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and Libya have fled desperate conditions only to discover another desperate living condition, that to many feels like a dead end. Visit www.care4calais.org.


2/9/16 – Davyne Dial/WPVM President

My first guest of Wild Heart was Davyne Dial, president of WPVM, whose passionate dedication is literally freeing the heart of this radio station.  Davyne calls herself an accidental activist and a seeker of truth.  She works for the transparency and accountability of local government and is committed to independent media in Asheville and Buncombe County.  An artist at heart, Davyne is a master jewelry maker and professional designer whose fashion accessories have graced the windows of Saks Fifth Ave in New York.  Listen to her fascinating story of success. Visit www.davynedial.com.

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