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Welcome to WPVM’s  Woman’s Vote 2020′

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In celebration of the 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial—when the 19th Amendment gave women the vote in 1920 after a 72-year-long campaign—WPVM is honoring the lives of women trailblazers before and since. See below for a variety of shows featuring women who broke barriers and changed history!


(Also, see WPVM’s Suffrage Centennial Events & News Page.)






Broadway impresario Henry B. “Harry” Harris was lost on the Titanic, but his wife Renée survived, inheriting his empire to become the American theater’s first woman producer. Soon, Renée found her own voice; with a keen social conscience, she embraced controversial themes in some of the plays she backed.


Renée Harris’ eye for talent launched the careers of Barbara Stanwyck, Dame Judith Anderson, and Moss Hart, and her executive ability ensured success for the legendary Hudson Theatre. Some of the greatest names in the entertainment world enjoyed early triumphs in productions staged during her ownership of the Hudson and Harris theaters or under her lease of the Fulton Theatre: Helen Hayes, Louis Armstrong and Cecil B. de Mille.  (The book, Broadway Dame: The Life & Times of Mrs. Henry B. Harris, by Randy Bryan Bigham and Gregg Jasper is available at  “Broadway Dame.” )


Author Randy Bryan Bigham was interviewed by Cornelia Powell on WPVM, October 10, 2019. Enjoy!



October 13, 2019


We talk with John Tepper Marlin about his play about the women’s suffrage movement, TAKE UP THE SONG. We also re-air out 2007 interview with Marge Piercy about her novel, SEX WARS.



August 14, 2019


Justin Souther, (buyer and store manager) of Malaprops and Cornelia Powell (writer & historian) discuss Malaprop’s collection of books on the pending centennial celebration of the women’s suffrage movement.
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