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THE SHINE BOX with T Rex and friends

Underwritten by Grail MovieHouse.

Asheville movie talk. Guests from all over town join T Rex as he discusses movies, local filmmakers, and exciting news. Movie geeks of all ages will love it and if you can’t get enough bad jokes and cheesy sketches, T Rex has you covered.

Tuesday, April 23

The End

Thanks to everyone at Grail Moviehouse and WPVMFM.

Talking about the 2019 summer movie season with Jason Williams and Brad Hoover is the best way to go out.


Tuesday, April 2nd

Locking up The Shine Box soon but we have a few shows left. A big thank you to everyone at WPVM and Grail MovieHouse!


Tuesday, March 19

T Tex cannot wait to return to Sherwood this summer. Jeff Messer returns to help.


Tuesday, March 12

Sara Williams of Comic Envy returns to tell us all about her favorite comic book character. Did the movie do her Justice?

Underwritten by Grail MovieHouse


Tuesday, February 26th

From Rabbit Costumes to White Saviors, we wrap up Oscar season for 2019.


Tuesday, February 19th

T rex stomps around town for more fun Oscar (Meryl) talk with friends. See you at the movie party!



Tuesday, February 5th

Its that time of year again! Let’s talk Academy Awards with Jason Williams.

Tuesday, January 22nd

From Los Angeles to Asheville, from The Groundlings to The Shine Box

Don Woodard tells us some cool stories from his career.




Tuesday, January 15th

The usual suspects return to put their best profile forward and discuss the Worst Movies of 2018.


Tuesday, January 8th

The Shine Box is back!!

More pretentious talk than you can imagine!

These are the film reviews you were warned about!




Tuesday, December 4th

Holiday Favorites. What are yours?


Tuesday, November 20th.

T Rex has issues…..and Issues With Jeff Messer.

Jeff stops by to talk about his new show and his thoughts on Stan Lee and his very own arch-nemesis….Asheville Traffic.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! Give a big thank you hug to a firefighter!


Tuesday, November 13th

T Rex keeps it local and stomps around town on a rainy day.

RIP Stan Lee


Tuesday, October 30th

TWISTER……is there a scarier movie for HALLOWEEN?

Lyndsay Miller & Ian Patrick Mendes help T Rex find out.


Tuesday, October 16th

Meg Hale Brunton and Blaine Greenfield remind T Rex that it’s about great friends and great movies.


Tuesday, October 2nd

Starting off October right with music from our favorite scary movies.


Tuesday, September 25th

Jason Williams joins T Rex to discuss 2018’s biggest WTF movie.


Tuesday, September 11th

The ever fun and funny Kevin Norris returns to discuss two super cool cats… Burt and The Bard.


Tuesday, August 28th

Jeff Messer returns and helps T Rex do some venting on current affairs.



Tuesday, August 21st

Thank You, Aretha Franklin. RIP


Tuesday, August 7th

Jason Williams and the wonderful cast of Bloomsday tell us about their wonderful show at 35 Bellow. We also discuss the Mission Impossible franchise and figure out where in Asheville they should film part seven.


Tuesday, July 31st

Where is America going? Will things get better or worse?

Ian and T Rex test the waters via the movies.


Tuesday, July 24th

The powerful filmmaker Eugene Jarecki tells us about his new documentary THE KING. It shows us, as Americans, where we are going and where we have been. A unique must see!



Tuesday, July 17th.

Music and movies to help us deal with clowns in public office.


Tuesday, July 10th

Montford Park Players say Thank You, Asheville! Michael Lilly and Jeff Messer join T Rex to discuss Robin Hood and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Tuesday, May 29th

(talk about) pop culture around Asheville with Comic Envy and Ian Patrick Medes shocks us with a positive review for Solo.


Tuesday, May 15th

T Rex and George Heard tell us why they love the local cinemas of WNC.


Tuesday, May 1st
Wow! One year and counting. Thank you WPVM and Grail MovieHouse for an altar to talk movies. Meg Hale Brunton and Ian Patrick Mendes (the first two guests) return to discuss some Summer Movie Love’n.


Tuesday, April 24th

More fun with Montford Park Players. The cast of Importance of Being Earnest delights us with some radio theatre and Comic Envy gets us ready for Avengers: Infinity War.


Tuesday, April 17th

T Rex reunites with the Montford Park Players, including David Broshar and Kevin Norris, together they bring you fun, jollity, and merriment. (and after that Kevin Norris suffers through T Rex’s “great” ideas)



Tuesday, April 10th

Carrie Kimbrell and Rodney Smith stop by to discuss their new play and other exciting things happening at Magnetic Theater while T Rex tries to resurrect a “classic” restaurant.


Tuesday, April 3rd

While Sarah Felmet sets up the “Hamilton Chair” (its like the torture chair in Clockwork Orange) she and T Rex discuss Ready Player One and the totality radical decade that was the 80’s.


Tuesday, March 20th

Last week was a boys club so this time we get a female point of view. We also talk about important women in the silent era and T Rex “attempts” to sing classics from Shock Treatment.


Tuesday, March 13th

The Great Directors. T Rex, Ian , and Brad Hoover discuss the great auteurs of film. Brad also reminds us of one of the great punk bands. All this and the “finest” in Michael Caine impressions.


Tuesday, March 6th

No jet ski for her but roses were laid out and cathedrals were built for the return of Meg Hale Brunton. Exciting Oscar show without Rob Lowe nor Snow White. (Look that Oscar show up, it’s more disturbing than Mother!)


Tuesday, February 27

T Rex tells you a new word, “skruptur”. It is a film thing but while he is being pretentious the great Ian Patrick Mendes & Jason Williams conclude the discussion about the Influential films of the 21st Century.



Tuesday, February 20th

T Rex tries to get off “the spice” and Ian Patrick Mendes tells us about Influential Films but first we start with Paige Dowling. She tells us how cool it was having Three Billboards filming in Sylva, NC.




Tuesday, February 13th

The Shine Box is back on the block. Jason Williams returns to discuss I Tonya, Phantom Thread, and a few of the Academy Award nominations.



Tuesday, January 23rd

Ian Patrick Mendes returns to thread up some reviews, warn us about The Juliard Boys, and sadly goes insane at the end. (ie, he gives us quite a unique Worst of list)



Tuesday, January 16th

Simply the BEST movies of 2017. It’s been a great year. Ian Patrick Mendes and Jason Williams join T Rex to compare lists.



Tuesday, January 9th.

We start off the new year just right with the Man, the Myth, The Messer! Jeff Messer joins T Rex to help sum up 2017.


Tuesday, December 26th

Jason Williams joins T Rex to discuss one of the best films of 2017 filmed right here in beautiful WNC (Bravo Sylva!) and they also review some small movie called The Last Jedi.



Tuesday, December 12th

James Bond and Montford Park Players

A classy combination.

Mandy Bean tells us about the always wonderful Montford Park Christmas Carol and then Rodney Smith & Brian Smith get down to some serious business, Bond Business.

Underwrritten by Grail MovieHouse.


Tuesday, November 21st

Jason Williams and Ian Patrick Mendes carve up some Hollywood Turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Tuesday, November 14th

Jason Williams returns on our 25th show to tell us what is new in Asheville’s Theatre World.


Tuesday, November 7th

Just some good old fashioned movie talk with Darren Marshall and Brian Smith. No tricks up our sleeves.



Tuesday, October 24th

Ashton Helton and Rodney Smith talk about their favorite horror films for Halloween (quite a few filmed near Asheville) and we try and stop Michael Caine’s “Hand” from taking over the show.



Tuesday, October 17th

A big middle finger to those who disrespect women and treat them like objects! Aurelia Garlock and Ashton Helton drop by to vent their thoughts.





Tuesday, October 10th

So much Shine in this box. Jason Williams makes his debut and Cody Magouirk returns for lucky number seven. We discuss Bladeunner 2049 and hear about the history of Fine Arts Theater from Neal Read.


Tuesday, September 26th

Julia Holiday tells us about Youth Outright Asheville and Darren Marshall discusses the powerful film “Mother!”


Tuesday, September 19th

For show #20 (thank you all so much) we discuss an important topic and still slip in some humor or at least T Rex tries too. Drez Ryan makes his debut and Cody Magouirk returns. What are your thoughts on Hollywood Stereotypes?



Tuesday, September 12th

Thou celestial ear kissing time pleaser with Dane Sarah Felmet and Sir Jason Phillips.




    • Tuesday, September 5th
    • George Heard makes his debut and Brian Smith returns to discuss the best and worst in Sci Fi.

Tuesday, August 29th

Cody Magouirk and Darren Marshall return to discuss the best Sports Movies. An hour is not enough time but these guys are far from over.



Tuesday, August 22nd

Film historian and writer Frank Thompson stops by to show T Rex true film knowledge.


Tuesday, August 15th

Summer Movie Wrap Up. Meg Hale Brunton and Ian Patrick Mendes return for a narly tubular time.


Tuesday, August 8th

Cinema vs Netflix

Bradley Hoover returns to continue the great debate and Travis Lowe makes his first appearance to discuss his new play.



Tuesday, Aug 1

“Let off some steam” and celebrate Arnold!! Ian Patrick Mendes returns to join the fun and gives his thoughts on The Christopher Nolan show.


Tuesday, July 25th
The Films of Christopher Nolan.
Meg Hale Brunton returns for her 4th show. Incredible prizes await her.

Tuesday, July 18th

“Don’t tell them we’re crazy.”

Guilty Pleasures with Sarah Felmet & Cody Magouirk



Tuesday, July 11th

T-REX & HIS AMAZING FRIENDS (Cody Magouirk & Brian Smith) join forces to discuss all things Spidey.


Tuesday, July 4th

Rodney Smith stops by to discuss AMERICA!! The Good, the Bad,
& The Silly


Tuesday, June 27th

Magnetic Theatre Co-Founder Steven Samuels opens the box and

Cody Magouirk returns. We discuss the incredible Asheville Theatre

Scene. Can you dig it, man?

Tuesday, June 20th

“Ladies of Comedy” with two outstanding women.

Sarah Felmet & Meg Hale Brunton

Tuesday, June 13th

The “Mystery Date” Episode.

Who can it be?! Stay tuned for the Pacino vs Pacino finale.


Tuesday, June 6th

“Cold Mountain is not in Romania” with the

Asheville School of Film.

Tuesday, May 30th

Pow! Wammmm!! Bonk!!

Women in Comics & Film with Sara Williams and the return of

Meg Hale Brunton

Tuesday, May 16th

Darren Marshall and David Gwaltny discuss the Alien Franchise and

a superstar of that same franchise makes a surprise visit.

Tuesday, May 9th

Meg Hale Brunton makes her debut to discuss the wild and tubular


Our very first show!

Tuesday, May 2nd

Ian Patrick Mendes stops by to christen the box on its first voyage.


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