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Dawn Westmoreland–“The Empowered Whistleblower Radio Show”

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Felix Nater, one of the leading workplace violence consultants in the U.S., and I discuss workplace violence and ways to mitigate it, along with strategies for companies to employ to keep their employees safe in the workplace.


Keith Black, an employment attorney/HR director, and I discuss how workplace investigations can mitigate lawsuits, help employee/employer engagement, and help a company be more productive. You can reach him at keith.black@epoutsourcing.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithrblack

You can learn more about my work and mission at WorkplaceBullyingSupport.com


Each week, Dawn Westmoreland discusses workplace issues with her guest experts, every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. EST, she talks about workplace conflicts, bullying in the workplace, equality and discrimination issues, leadership, engagement, and resiliency in the workplace. Dawn has nearly 30 years in Human Resources.  She is a certified Life Coach through iPEC, an HR consultant, advanced consulting hypnotist, speaker, mediator, and also is a podcaster on Mental Health News Radio. Dawn is a retired Air Force veteran after serving 20 years in the United States and Europe.

She became passionate about her work after exposing perceived racial and nepotism in her former federal job. Dawn understands what it feels like to be bullied in the workplace and it’s her mission to help employees and employers create psychologically safe and respectful work environments.

She has interviewed popular guests, such as Erin Brockovich. Dawn was sent to Washington, D.C. to educate Senators about the abuse of “Whistleblowers”, and she was featured in the Christian Science Monitor for her mission to help people have respectful work environments.

She provided advice on a TV special in Charlotte, NC, on Solutions to Workplace Bullying and Discrimination. It was a popular watched show in November 2018. It reinforced the idea that people are looking for respect and civility where they work.

Dawn’s hobbies are working in her garden, traveling, writing, and doting on her kitty cat (Smudge).

2 thoughts on ““The Empowered Whistleblower”

  1. Hello, I am listening to your channel right now (Sep. 10th at 4:50 p.m.) and I am wondering what the name of your guest is. I would like to get more info on the type of work he does! It’s so great listening. Thank you for the topics you choose.

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      I believe you were talking about Joseph Yeager. He’s a cyber bullying expert. You’re some more about his expertise:

      Safety Net is dedicated to helping people avoid many of the potential problems associated with technology and the Internet, including cyberbullying, online predators and more. Additionally, I provide ways to maximize the value that the technology can provide, including managing your digital footprint, building influence online and using the Internet to improve homework projects.

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