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Home Business Success Show

Host Hank Eder explores the world of home business owners and entrepreneurs. Each week, Hank interviews successful owners of home businesses, who share dos and don’ts, best practices, mindsets for success, and how they set up the day-to-day efficiencies of a successful home business.

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Home Business Success Community takes flight

Hank Eder, AKA Hank the PR Guy, is launching a supportive online community for people who run (or want to run) successful home-based businesses. The core idea was born in a single moment of clarity during lockdown.

“Recently, while working on a client project, I had a blinding flash of the obvious,” Hank says. “Since I have been working from home for more than ten years, this “lockdown” didn’t seem all that different to me. My home-based business is chugging along, full steam ahead. Now many people are working from home – those fortunate enough to still have jobs – and many have decided they like it. Also, many who lost their jobs are starting home-based businesses, either online or offering services without traditional brick and mortar locations – everything from accounting and insurance sales to landscaping and handyman services, to name a few.

“My blinding flash of the obvious? It’s time to start an online support community for owners of home-based businesses. This is how the Home Business Success Community was born.”

This membership community will feature an online site where members can find a wealth of information about starting and running their businesses. Tips, tricks and best practices for “solopreneurs” will be complemented by interviews with successful home business owners on such topics as:

  • Setting up an efficient home office space
  • Record-keeping
  • Self-assessments for “newbies”
  • Staying focused
  • Motivation
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Money and time-saving ideas
  • Generating buzz (marketing)
  • Using business networking to gain new friends and customers
  • Advantages and disadvantages to working from home
  • Inspirational idea

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