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BLAINESWORLD is a weekly show that airs on Wednesdays from 9-10 a.m. and is rebroadcast on Saturdays at the same time on WPVM/103.7. And if the internet is working, you’ll also be able to see the show on Facebook Live. … It focuses on the Asheville theatre scene, as well as on positive news and information about both people and organizations in the area. Host Blaine Greenfield is a CEO: Chief Encouragement Officer with over 40 years of experience as a college professor/business consultant. He also publishes a weekly blog, BLAINESWORLD, that can be obtained for free by sending an email to: and putting SUBSCRIPTION in the subject line.


Note: What follows are the most recent shows. For older show, please click:


BLAINESWORLD: 11.18.2020

BLAINESWORLD show, 11.18.20, Guests: (first half) Kevin Jameson,CEO and founder of Dementia Society of America; and (second half) Kay Wise, host, The Magnetic Theatre’s Playreading Club.


BLAINESWORLD: 11.11.2020

BLAINESWORLD show for 11.11.20: Guests: (first half) Liz Aiello, actress/singer and voiceover artist; and (second half) Johanna Hagarty, marketing and development consultant, Western Women’s Business Center.


BLAINESWORLD: 11.04.2020

BLAINESWORLD show: 11.4.20. Guests: (first half) Barb McKenzie, professional organizer; and (second half) Dave Carr, HR consultant for the city of Asheville.


BLAINESWORLD: 10.28.2020

BLAINESWORLD show, 10.28.20. Guests: (first half) Erinn Dearth and Dan Beckman, hosts of It’s Riley; and (second half) Aaron Ybarra, writer, actor and musician.


BLAINESWORLD: 10.22.2020

Special BLAINESWORLD show, 10.22.20. Guest: Dan Nordberg, Director of Rural Affairs and Region VIII Administraor for the Small Business Admnistration.


BLAINESWORLD: 10.21.2020

BLAINESWORLD show: 10.21.20. Guests: (first half) Jessica Whitehill, executive director, Jewish Family Services of WNC ; (second half) Penny White, Music Specialist ,Jewish Family Services.



BLAINESWORLD Featured on The Home Business Success Show on October 16, 2020


BLAINESWORLD: 10.14.2020

BLAINESWORLD show, 10.14.20. Guests: (first half) Natalie Kaye, president of On Demand Programs and Events; and (second half) Keith Spencer, entertainer, concert artist and producer.


BLAINESWORLD: 10.07.2020

BLAINESWORLD show, 10.7.20, Guests: (first half) Michele Louzon, founder and executive Director of Arms Around ASD; and (second half) Joe Calderwell, writer, podcaster and owner of development companies.


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4 thoughts on “BLAINESWORLD (Live)

  1. Hi Blaine! I just listened to your first radio broadcast. I was eager to hear more about Brian Biro and his latest book. I really enjoyed the interview, took notes, and I cannot wait to buy “There are no Overachievers.” You did a great job as host. Why am I not surprised???? Good luck! Thanks for all your support during the past 27 years. You continue to amaze me.

  2. Enjoyed both of the archived shows. Not yet figured out how to listen live over the internet but I am working on it. Very enjoyable show, but as Arlene said, not surprised.

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