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Baroque and Classical Music – Hosted by Michael White

3 thoughts on “Baroque and Beyond

  1. Hi, I really like the radio station very much. I just discovered it two days ago. My name is Taryn Rose and I’m a classical violinist and I’d like to know the name of a piece a symphonic piece that ended Sunday morning at about 8:50 in the morning. It was part of the Baroque & Beyond or something The DJ’s thought it was going to be the last piece, but then he played a trumpet piece after that. But I’d like to know what the name of the piece. The penultimate piece was played. Thank you so and like I said, really really enjoying theradio station and thank you for the variety. I like the variety of all the styles of music that you’re playing.

    1. I am the producer of Baroque and Beyond. I am reaching out to Taryn by email, because she contacted me directly. So, we will sort out which piece she is referring to. That’s how I discovered WPVM is airing the show. Listeners should feel free to contact me directly with questions or corrections. I get things wrong now and then. In my day job, I’m a physician and Baroque and Beyond is a hobby, related to supporting a local radio station which is dependent on open source Linux software. I produce the show on a computer and everything you hear is out of my personal collection. My email is Thanks for listening!

      1. Hi Michael,
        We are delighted with your show….the music the listener was interested in is the last two pieces from hour 2 from your most recent upload to audio port.
        We download the show using the RSS feed so the manual download does not show up on Pacifica’s Audioport.

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