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Tony Zeoli


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The Asheville House Music Society is the only house music DJ mix-show emanating from the Asheville and Western North Carolina. Hosted and mixed by DJ Tony Z and DJ PDub, AVLHMS focused on the soulful sounds of house music, which originated in Chicago in the early 80s. Mix-shows are a popular format with fans of dance and electronic music. The mix-show format bridges every song together in a chain-like format, where the end of the last song is beat-matched with the beginning of the next sound, often matching songs by their similar musical keys so as to give the listener a contiuous and uninterrupted experience. Mix-shows have been popular on the radio since the advent of the nightclub DJ in the 70s. It brings the sounds and nightclub experience to radio and online.

AVLHMS has a large following on its AVLHMS Facebook Group, where the show’s fans share music, upcoming events, and connect with other house music lovers.

You can tune in over the air, online here on the station website, over the Roku box or Amazon Alexa, or watch and listen on Facebook Live. Just LIKE our page on Facebook and you’ll be notified when we go live.

AVLHMS attempts to do a LIVE show every Saturday, but there are times when we will feature an encore presentation. Please check the Schedule for air-time and encore presentation designation.

Our Senior Producer is Matthew Francis, who keeps up our Social Media and also keeps our MixCloud up to date with show archives.


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  • Saturday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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    2 Responses to Asheville House Music Society

    1. kate November 10, 2018 at 11:14 pm #

      I was trying to look for the house (?) song played at around 10:00 pm on Saturday. I cannot find a playlist on this site.
      Thank you.

      • Matthew October 3, 2019 at 7:46 pm #

        Hello, Kate. Apologies for the late response. Go to AVLHMS on and you’ll have all of our Aired shows. That particular show is Episode B4, from 11/10/18.
        The tracks are listed there. I hope that helps. If for some reason your track is not listed, tell us the tracks on either side of it in the mix and we’ll track the song down.
        Peace and Keep Housin’!!

        Matthew Francis, of AVLHMS

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