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Videos for new producers to learn the broadcast room and production room. There are some older videos here along with newer videos as we’ve upgraded equipment.  If you are of a mind, viewing past and new video may be helpful.


Most recent tutorial on broadcast procedure. Posted 9.14.18 This is the basic procedure using the upgraded broadcast console. Also view the other past tutorials below for some alternate procedures.



Broadcast room #2  We no longer use the small mixer to control some of the mics, all mics work off of the broadcast console now. (Update 5.8.18), the computer on the right for browser and /or other surfing is no longer in use, instead we have an iPad. Also the small mixer on the upper left of the broadcast console has been removed as we have repaired the mic channels that were having issues.


Broadcast room procedures #3    3.14. 15
Note: We no longer use the 7 second delay unit, as it was causing interference with the broadcast and Mics are numbered to match their control settings on the broadcast console.

Maintaining your very own show host page video. It is to your advantage and the advantage of your guests to maintain an up to date show host page. Uploaded 9.10.18

New Production Studio tutorial 9.18.18


Production Room (for pre-recording) 7.15.16

Hindenburg editing tutorials are located on this link.

Tutorial on taking live phone calls and adding them to a pre recorded show using the production room. 7.20.16


Connecting your device to the Mevo camera. Use WPVM’s Apple 5g network; password is   Guest<2017>

Connecting Mevo to Facebook. Choose the WPVM 103 .7 page option to stream directly to WPVM’s FB page.

All WPVM Producers are added as Editors to our WPVM Facebook page.



Ira Glass on story telling for radio


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