Bands and Promoters, please take note. This is a page for potential show host only. Please do not forward ep’s or request for appearances.

WPVM is seeking local show content that expresses the unique culture of Asheville and western North Carolina. We are looking for artists, musicians, actors, writers, community leaders, activist, and people involved and passionate about the progress of the Asheville community. Producers may air a live show or pre-record shows in the production room. Use the contact form below to request further information about  participating at WPVM.

WPVM is the ***best equipped station in Asheville and the surrounding area . We train new show hosts using one on one classes, and video tutorials. (***Broadcast Engineer Terry Shinn)

WPVM studio is located at 34 Wall St. Suite 407. Contact WPVM via email using the form below the photos.

Broadcast console in Studio A of WPVM
Land of the Sky dj Brody Hunt with some collectable shellac 78 records…getting ready to play on his 7:00 pm show

Broadcast Studio

WPVM Production Room

WPVM uses either Audacity or Hindenberg to pre-record. Both are available on the production room computer. In depth tutorials are located by clicking on the links provided. Further Hindenberg instruction here.

WPVM’s lobby with history of radio museum.


Tutorial videos for new producers are on this link

Email any questions you have to

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