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Lester The Nightfly

PJ Ewing - PJDJ

Our host, PJ Ewing (a.k.a. PJDJ), has been well-known for his love of music since his earliest days in New York City. He brings his knowledge of countless musical genres to this hour-long weekly deep-dive into the eclectic.

Lester The Nightfly presents late-night sonic visions that should inspire you to seek new music beyond the the familiar. PJ is not satisfied to simply play the music, rather he wants to get behind the work, learn about the artists’ inspirations, hear from the creators, and simply follow his nose to see where the music leads us.

Details on each show can be found at Lester The Nightfly. Playlists, photos, videos and the research work behind the episode are on display for you to explore there. There you can see what episodes are “in the works” for future broadcasts of Lester the Nightfly. And you can see the full catalogue of all past episodes including the story of the show name, a nod to Donald Fagen of Steely Dan.

If you have thoughts or comments or recommendations for future shows you can email our PJDJ here: PJ Ewing


Yep – the mysteries of The Avalanches unveiled. This is part one of a three-part series: we will cover all three Avalanches records over the next three episodes of Lester The Nightfly.

We start our journey in 2000 with the ground-breaking record Since I Left You.

The Asheville Sound

The Asheville Sound

Jon Lauterer was born and raised in the WNC area in a musical family. Jon began private study in the percussion field at age ten, and have never looked back. Jon holds a BM in Music Education from UNCW, and a MM in Percussion Performance from the Hayes School of Music at ASU.  Jon is currently performing with a party band called Royal Suits.

Jazz On A Summer’s Day

Jazz On A Summer’s Day

Jazz on a Summer’s Day is a positive, community-based show that celebrates good music and engaging conversation by highlighting some of the many amazing writers, teachers, artists, activists, and musicians living in the area and the projects they are working on. Host Sebastian Matthews will play modern and contemporary jazz music—working to widen and deepen the notion of “jazz” as much as possible—while engaging in conversation with local and national figures.

The show has a simple three-part structure. Matthews will open the show with around 30 minutes of music. He will then introduce his guest and ask him or her to share a cut of music and tell us why they brought it in. The conversation will be carried forward for around 45 to 55 minutes, punctuated with songs brought in (or performed) by the guest. Matthews will then close the show out with 30 more minutes of music, at times in collaboration with his guest.