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Easy (10-minute) Waffled Salmon Cakes

These easy Salmon Cakes, made with pantry and refrigerator staples are cooked in a waffle maker – only 10 minutes from start to finish!Easy (10-minute) Waffled Salmon CakesI made these Waffled Crab Cakes a few years ago and thought I’d try switching it up with salmon. Plus, I wanted to try them out on my Mini Dash Waffle Maker (affil link). I made four small salmon cakes, but you can make them bigger if you have a larger waffle iron. I love how extra crispy they get with all that surface area. If you’d like to try some different salmon cake recipes, check out my Baked Salmon Cakes or these Salmon Croquettes with Dill Sauce. What should I waffle next?These healthy salmon cakes are an excellent way to get your omega-3s, which can lower your risk of heart disease. They’re also high in protein and low in carbs. If you want to make these salmon cakes gluten-free, use gluten-free panko.How do you make salmon cakes from scratch?These salmon cakes aren’t called “easy” for nothing! Just mix the seven ingredients in a bowl, put a one-fourth cup of the mixture on the waffle iron affil link, and cook for about three to four minutes. Like I said – easy!You could also double or triple this waffled salmon cake recipe if you needed to feed more people or wanted leftovers. To reheat, just pop the waffles in the toaster.No waffle iron? Make them on a skillet, about 3 min per side. Or air fry them 400F 6 to 8 minutes.How to serve salmon cakesThere are a few different ways to serve these salmon cake waffles:Over mixed greens or spinach with lemon juice or remoulade as a dressingAs a sandwich on a potato bunAs a main dish with vegetables on the sideIf you want to add a sauce, these salmon patties are delicious with a simple remoulade sauce. To make it, combine light mayo, lemon juice, and capers and serve over the salmon.More Seafood Cake Recipes You’ll Love:Easy (10-minute) Waffled Salmon Cakes 169 Cals 22 Protein 5.5 Carbs 6.5 FatsPrep Time: 5 minsCook Time: 10 minsTotal Time: 15 minsThese easy waffled Salmon Cakes, made with pantry and refrigerator staples are cooked in a waffle maker – only 10 minutes from start to finish! 1 6-oz can wild salmon1 large egg3 tablespoons seasoned panko, or gluten-free1 tablespoon Franks hot sauce1 tablespoon light mayo1 teaspoon Dijon mustard2 tablespoons chopped scallionsolive oil spraylemon wedges, for servingCombine the salmon, egg, panko, hot sauce, mayo, mustard and scallions in a medium bowl and mix.Heat your mini waffle maker (love my Dash) and spray with oil.Place 1/4 cup at a time and press down until the light shuts off, or the edges are browned and crisp- 3 to 4 minutes.Serve over a bed of greens and squeeze lemon over the top.If desired, make the remoulade and drizzle on top. Also great on potato buns!Optional remoulade sauce: combine light mayo, lemon juice and capers and serve over salmon cakes.No waffle iron? Make them on a skillet, about 3 min per side. Or air fry them 400F 6 to 8 minutes.Serving: 2waffle cakes, Calories: 169kcal, Carbohydrates: 5.5g, Protein: 22g, Fat: 6.5g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Cholesterol: 125.5mg, Sodium: 536.5mg, Fiber: 0.5g, Sugar: 0.5gBlue Smart Points: 2Green Smart Points: 6Purple Smart Points: 2Keywords: Baked Salmon Cakes, canned salmon, super easy salmon cakes recipe, waffle iron recipes, waffle maker recipes posted April 20, 2021 by GinaDon’t Miss a Recipe!Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox:You May Also Like:Post navigation

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

posted April 18, 2021 by GinaMother’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought I’d share some (35) of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas with all price ranges in mind. So whether it’s for mom, grandma, your in-laws or a mother-like figure in your life —I got lots of ideas for you!There’s nothing like the gift of time spent together, or making mom a home cooked meal to give her the day off. But if you can’t be together or just want to surprise her with something she’ll love, here are a few items that I either own and love or are on my wish list.Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Every item is something I love or think any Mom would love.

7 Day Healthy Meal Plan (April 19-25)

posted April 16, 2021 by GinaA free 7-day, flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include macros and WW Points.7-Day Healthy Meal PlanAs the world slowly starts to get back to “normal” that also means more sports and after school activities- back to being busy (I’m not complaining)! But to help keep my sanity I love being able to rely on  slow cooker recipes (throw it in in the morning and it’s ready when you get home) like my Crock Pot Italian Sloppy Joe. The same goes for meal prep recipes -like Breakfast Egg Rolls -just reheat and grab to go on crazy mornings.Why Should Everyone Meal Plan?Meal planning is a great way to organize your meals for the week ahead. You also save time and money in the supermarket! And of course, planning ahead helps you stick to your goals!About The Meal PlanIf you’re new to my meal plans, I’ve been sharing these free, 7-day flexible healthy meal plans (you can see my previous meal plans here) that are meant as a guide, with plenty of wiggle room for you to add more food, coffee, beverages, fruits, snacks, dessert, wine, etc. or swap recipes out for meals you prefer, you can search for recipes by course in the index. You should aim for around 1500 calories* per day.There’s also a precise, organized grocery list that will make grocery shopping so much easier and much less stressful. Save you money and time. You’ll dine out less often, waste less food and you’ll have everything you need on hand to help keep you on track.Lastly, if you’re on Facebook join my Skinnytaste Facebook Community where everyone’s sharing photos of recipes they are making, you can join here. I’m loving all the ideas everyone’s sharing! If you wish to get on the email list, you can subscribe here so you never miss a meal plan!Also, if you don’t have the Skinnytaste Meal Planner, now would be a great time to get one to get organized for 2020! There was a print error last year, but it’s perfect now! You can order it here![embedded content]THE DETAILS:Breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, are designed to serve 1 while dinners and all meals on Saturday and Sunday are designed to serve a family of 4. Some recipes make enough leftovers for two nights or lunch the next day. While we truly believe there is no one size fits all meal plan, we did our best to come up with something that appeals to a wide range of individuals. Everything is Weight Watchers friendly, I included the updated WW Blue SP for your convenience, feel free to swap out any recipes you wish or just use this for inspiration!The grocery list is comprehensive and includes everything you need to make all meals on the plan. I’ve even included brand recommendations of products I love and use often. Cross check your cabinets because many condiments you’ll notice I use often, so you may already have a lot of them.And last, but certainly not least, this meal plan is flexible and realistic. There’s plenty of wiggle room for cocktails, healthy snacks, dessert and dinner out. And if necessary, you can move some things around to make it work with your schedule. Please let me know if you’re using these plans, this will help me decide if I should continue sharing them!MONDAY (4/19)B: Broccoli and Cheese Egg Muffins (1G 4G 1P) with 1 cup strawberries (0B 0G 0P)L: BLT Roll Ups with Turkey and Avocado (6B 9G 9P)D: Balsamic Roasted Veggie and White Bean Pasta (8B 9G 8P)Totals: WW Points 15B 22G 18P, Calories 935*TUESDAY (4/20)B: Broccoli and Cheese Egg Muffins (1G 4G 1P) with 1 cup pineapple (0B 0G 0P)L: LEFTOVER Balsamic Roasted Veggie and White Bean Pasta (8B 9G 8P)D: Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Black Bean Taco Salad (6B 9G 6P)Totals: WW Points 15B 22G 15P, Calories 919*WEDNESDAY (4/21)B: Broccoli and Cheese Egg Muffins (1G 4G 1P) with 1 cup strawberries (0B 0G 0P)L: LEFTOVER Balsamic Roasted Veggie and White Bean Pasta (8B 9G 8P)D: Italian Turkey Meatball Sheet Pan Dinner (5B 5G 5P)Totals: WW Points 14B 18G 14P, Calories 857*THURSDAY (4/22)B: Broccoli and Cheese Egg Muffins (1G 4G 1P) with 1 cup pineapple (0B 0G 0P)L: Chickpea Tuna Salad (0B 8G 0P) over 2 cups mixed greens (0B 0G 0P) and an apple (0B 0G 0P)D: Pepper Steak (5B 6G 5P) with ¾ cup brown rice (5B 5G 0P)Totals: WW Points 11B 23G 6P, Calories 992*FRIDAY (4/23)B: Superfood PB Banana and Cacao Green Smoothie (5B 5G 5P)L: Chickpea Tuna Salad (0B 8G 0P) over 2 cups mixed greens (0B 0G 0P) and an apple (0B 0G 0P)D: Baked Shrimp Taquitos (5B 6G 5P) with Best Guacamole Recipe (3B 4G 3P)Totals: WW Points 13B 23G 13P, Calories 918*SATURDAY (4/24)B: Asparagus and Swiss Cheese Frittata (2B 4G 2P) with an orange (0B 0G 0P)L: Turkey Club (recipe x 4) (7B 8G 7P) with 8 baby carrotsD: ORDER IN!Totals: WW Points 9B 12G 9P, Calories 667*SUNDAY (4/25)B: Low Fat Strawberry Scones (8B 8G 8P)L: Ahi Tuna Poke Stacks (recipe x 2) (10B 12G 7P)D: Peanut-Braised Chicken Breasts (5B 7G 5P) with Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice (1B 1G 1P)Totals: WW Points 24B 28G 21P, Calories 1,188**This is just a guide, women should aim for around 1500 calories per day. Here’s a helpful calculator to estimateyour calorie needs. I’ve left plenty of wiggle room for you to add more food such as coffee, beverages, fruits,snacks, dessert, wine, etc.*Google docPrint Shopping ListShopping ListProduce2 medium apples (any variety)4 medium oranges6 medium limes1 medium banana5 medium (6-ounce) PLUS 1 large (7 ounce) Hass avocados2 (12-ounce) containers fresh strawberries1 small pineapple1 large head garlic2 medium shallots1 (2-inch) piece fresh ginger2 small jalapenos2 medium PLUS 1 large red bell pepper1 medium zucchini1 medium yellow squash2 medium cucumbers1 (8-ounce) package sliced white mushrooms2 ½ pounds broccoli florets1 small and 1 medium head cauliflower½ pound asparagus1 small package baby carrots1 small package shredded carrots1 medium bunch scallions1 small bunch baby spinach1 (5-ounce) container mixed greens½ small head red cabbage1 small head Iceberg lettuce1 large head Romaine lettuce1 large bunch fresh cilantro1 dry pint cherry or grape tomatoes4 medium vine-ripened tomatoes1 small PLUS 1 medium red onions1 medium PLUS 1 large yellow onionsMeat, Poultry and Fish13 ounces sliced deli turkey (I like Boar’s Head)1 package center-cut bacon¾ pound beef top round¾ pound peeled and deveined shrimp1 ½ pounds raw sushi grade tuna2 ½ pounds (6) boneless, skinless chicken breasts1 pound 93% lean ground turkeyGrains*1 small package soft taco-size low carb flour tortillas1 small package (6-inch) corn tortillas (you need 12)1 small package plain or seasoned breadcrumbs1 package fusilli pasta1 loaf thin sliced whole grain bread (I like Dave’s Killer Bread)1 small package dry brown rice (or 5 cups pre-cooked)1 small package unbleached all-purpose flour1 small package whole wheat flourCondiments and SpicesExtra virgin olive oilVegetable oilCooking sprayOlive oil spray (or get a Misto oil mister)Kosher salt (I like Diamond Crystal)Pepper grinder (or fresh peppercorns)Sriracha sauceRegular or light mayonnaiseRegular or reduced sodium soy sauce*Furikake (can sub sesame seeds, if desired)Balsamic vinegarRed wine vinegarRice vinegarRice wineSesame oilCrushed red pepper flakesLiquid stevia (optional, for Superfood Smoothie)PaprikaCuminReduced sodium taco seasoningItalian seasoningDijon mustardFennel seedsVanilla extractDairy & Misc. Refrigerated Items1 dozen large eggs1 pint liquid egg whites1 pint 1% buttermilk1 small box butter1 small wedge Parmesan cheese1 small wedge Pecorino Romano cheese1 (8-ounce) bag reduced fat shredded cheddar or Mexican cheese blend1 (8-ounce) bag shredded pepper Jack cheese1 small block or sliced reduced fat Swiss cheese1 (8-ounce) bottle 1% milk1 (8-ounce) container unsweetened vanilla almond milk (can sub ¾ cup 1% milk in Superfood Smoothie, if desired)Canned and Jarred1 small jar natural peanut butter1 small jar chunky salsa1 (15-ounce) can chickpeas1 (15-ounce) can cannellini beans1 (15-ounce) can black beans1 (6-ounce) can wild albacore tuna in water1 (14.5-ounce) can/carton chicken broth1 small jar capers1 small jar pesto (I like Delallo, or ingredients to make your own)Misc. Dry GoodsCornstarchBaking powder1 small package cacao nibs (if buying from bulk bin, you need 1 heaping tablespoon)1 small package granulated sugar*You can buy gluten free, if desiredPrint Shopping List posted April 16, 2021 by Gina

Coconut-Poached Chicken with Bok Choy and Mushrooms

Coconut-Poached Chicken with Bok Choy and Mushrooms served with a cucumber sesame salad is SO simple, fast and flavorful.Coconut-Poached Chicken with Bok Choy and MushroomsThis one-pan cooking method builds a deeply savory, vegetable-packed broth while also keeping the chicken breasts super tender and juicy. Mushrooms, ginger, and coconut milk go a long way in building flavor without taking much time at all. Although the rice or quinoa is optional, I loved adding it to soak up the wonderful broth. The cucumber sesame salad is the perfect fresh side that compliments the whole dish. For more coconut milk recipes, try my Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Salmon Coconut Curry with Spinach and Chickpeas.I’m usually not a fan of chicken breasts because they can be dry and boring, but they really shine in this coconut chicken recipe. The chicken cooks on low heat in a mixture of coconut milk and chicken broth, ensuring they’ll be juicy and delicious. Just make sure not to overcook them. You can check to see if the chicken is done by cutting one in half after it cooks for about ten minutes.What is the difference between bok choy and baby bok choy?Bok choy and baby bok choy are basically the same thing, but baby bok choy is smaller and more tender. If you’re using regular bok choy in this recipe, you need to separate the white stalks from the leafy greens because the stalks take longer to cook. You’ll add the white parts at the beginning with the mushrooms and then the greens at the very end. If you use baby bok choy, you can cook the stalks and greens together right before the chicken is done.How to Make Coconut ChickenThis coconut-simmered chicken may look fancy, but it’s not complicated to make.Season the chicken breasts with salt, sear on both sides, and then remove from the pan.Cook the mushrooms and bok choy stalks for a couple of minutes, and then cook the ginger, garlic, and pepper for 30 seconds.Pour in the coconut milk, chicken broth, and salt, bring to a simmer, and then nestle in the chicken. Reduce the heat to low and cook for ten minutes.If the chicken is cooked through, stir in the bok choy greens until they wilt.More Chicken Breast Recipes You’ll Love:Coconut-Poached Chicken with Bok Choy and Mushrooms 321 Cals 42 Protein 12 Carbs 12 FatsPrep Time: 10 minsCook Time: 20 minsTotal Time: 30 minsCoconut-Poached Chicken with Bok Choy and Mushrooms served with a cucumber sesame salad is SO simple, fast and flavorful.4 small organic boneless, skinless breasts (6 oz each)1 teaspoon Kosher salt2 heads baby bok choy or ½ head bok choy, 3 cups total1 tbsp olive oil4- oz package shiitake mushrooms, stemmed1- in piece fresh ginger, minced or grated2 cloves garlic, minced1 small fresh hot pepper, such as bird’s eye or ½ tsp red pepper flakes (optional)2/3 cup full fat coconut milk2/3 cup chicken brothCooked rice or quinoa for serving, optional1 lime, cut into wedgesCucumber Sesame Salad:1 large cucumber, preferably English (about 10 oz)½ teaspoon kosher salt1 ½ teaspoons lime juice or rice vinegar1 teaspoon sesame oil1 teaspoon black sesame seeds¼ teaspoon red pepper flakesPat the chicken dry all over and season with 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt.If you’re using bok choy, roughly chop it, keeping the leafy greens separate from the white stalks. If you’re using baby bok choy, which is more tender, simply chop it and set it aside.Set a deep lidded skillet or Dutch oven over medium-high heat and add the olive oil.When it’s hot, sear the chicken breasts (in batches if needed to keep from crowding the pan) for 1 to 2 minutes per side, just until they start to brown. Reserve on a plate.Add the mushrooms to the pan along with the white bok choy stalks (if using; baby bok choy can be added later). Season with 1/4 teaspoon salt and stir-fry for 2 to 3 minutes, until the vegetables are starting to brown along the edges.Add the ginger, garlic, and pepper (if using) and cook just until fragrant, 30 seconds or so.Add the coconut milk and chicken broth and salt, to taste about 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon.Bring to a simmer, then nestle the chicken breasts inside the pan, decrease the heat to low, and cover. After 10 minutes, check for doneness by cutting into one chicken breast; if it’s still pink in the center, cover and keep cooking for another few minutes.A minute or two before it’s done cooking, stir in the bok choy greens and cook just until they wilt.To serve, slice each chicken breast thinly against the grain. Ladle the veggies and broth into bowls (with rice or quinoa, if using) and arrange the chicken on top.Finish with a squeeze of lime.For the cucumbers:Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise, then slice 1/4 inch thick.Transfer the cucumber to a bowl or colander and toss with the salt. Set aside for 5 to 10 minutes.Drain any excess liquid from the cucumbers, then toss with the remaining ingredients and serve.Rice optional for serving, add extra for points/n.i. if using.Serving: 1breast with 1/4 of the vegetables, Calories: 321kcal, Carbohydrates: 12g, Protein: 42g, Fat: 12g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 124.5mg, Sodium: 630mg, Fiber: 2.5g, Sugar: 4gBlue Smart Points: 3Green Smart Points: 6Purple Smart Points: 3Keywords: chicken breast recipes, coconut poached chicken breast, poached chicken breast posted April 15, 2021 by GinaDon’t Miss a Recipe!Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox:You May Also Like:Post navigation