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General manager at WPVM radio station.



Curated list of programming that matters from WPVM studios

On March 10, 2020 Host Sebastian Matthews interviews local poet and musician Keith Flynn  on Sebastian’s show Jazz On A Summer’s Day heard live each Tuesday 3:00 – 5:00 pm.


        “Flynn’s words need to be read aloud for the full dramatic impact,” writes Jennifer MacPherson in The Comstock Review, “but even on the page, they mesmerize the reader with their historical significance and startling juxtapositions. These are original, passionate, vigorous and musical narratives that roam the full spectrum of the art. Keith Flynn is a true original, and a national treasure.”

As a widely traveled poet and performer, Flynn has always used  different voices to accomplish his aims.  Serving as lyricist and lead singer from 1986 to 1998, Flynn’s poems were blasted to full effect by the double-barreled sonic accompaniment of The Crystal Zoo, which produced three albums: Swimming Through Lake Eerie (1992), Pouch (1996) and Nervous Splendor (2003), an innovative compilation of music and spoken word.  Flynn is currently on hiatus with his most recent group, 3-man combo, The Holy Men, whose first album, LIVE at Diana Wortham Theatre, was released in 2011.  (See LIVE at White Rock Hall below for his current musical offerings.)

Flynn is also the author of five collections of poetry: The Talking Drum (1991), The Book of Monsters (1994), The Lost Sea (2000), The Golden Ratio (2007) and The Skin of Meaning (2020).  His first collection of essays, The Rhythm Method, Razzmatazz and Memory: How To Make Your Poetry Swing, was published by Writer’s Digest Books in 2007 (“a tornado speed tour through modern and postmodern poetics. . .and one of the most engaging, soulful, generous, and truly exciting books I have ever read.”  – Fred Chappell —  “[The Rhythm Method] is destined to become a classic reference and teaching resource.”   – The Writer’s Digest Roundtable of Editors”)

Hour 1

Hour 2

Jake LaRue headshop.jpg

Jake LaRue: Horse Sense of the Carolinas

Equine therapy for Veterans.

Live on NC Serves Radio – Airing Thursday 11:00am and replays on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm.

Jake LaRue is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and an equine specialist. He is a Marine Corps Veteran who served with a Tactical Air Control Party during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Jake grew up in Dania Beach, Florida and traveled extensively both during and after his active duty enlistment, ending up in Asheville, North Carolina. He became interested in equine therapy after meeting Horse Sense president, Shannon Knapp at a meditation retreat in 2013. Equine therapy was so impactful on his life that he chose to pursue it as a career. Jake has been trained in Trauma-Focused Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning. He facilitates a weekly “Fall in Friday” group for veterans and their caregivers and serves as an equine specialist as a member of individual treatment teams. Jake’s own journey of recovery and self-discovery provides a unique perspective to the Horse Sense herd.


MIKE BUMGARNER and GARY WILEY  – AKA the Hillbilly Diamonds live on Asheville Live Local Music Radio. They’ll be playing at MerleFest this weekend, check it out

Hope Griffin and Eric Congdon on July 2019 on Asheville Local Live Music show.

NC Serves Radio and the Veterans Treatment Court

History of Radio

History of Radio

Edwin Howard Armstrong is featured in Ken Burns “Empire of the Air Documentary”.  Click Here

Ken Burns: Empire of the Air; The Men Who Made Radio

Ken Burns: Empire of the Air - The Men Who Made Radio

For 50 years radio dominated the airwaves and the American consciousness as the first “mass medium.” In Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio, Ken Burns examines the lives of three extraordinary men who shared the primary responsibility for this invention and its early success, and whose genius, friendship, rivalry and enmity interacted in tragic ways. This is the story of Lee de Forest, a clergyman’s flamboyant son, who invented the audion tube; Edwin Howard Armstrong, a brilliant, withdrawn inventor who pioneered FM technology; and David Sarnoff, a hard-driving Russian immigrant who created the most powerful communications company on earth.

Against the backdrop of radio’s “Golden Age,” Empire of the Air relates the history of radio through archival photographs, newsreels of the period and interviews with such well-known radio personalities as Garrison Keillor, the late sports commentator Red Barber, radio dramatist Norman Corwin and the late broadcast historian Erik Barnouw.

For a Brief Time in the  1930s, Radio Station WLW in Ohio Became America’s One and Only “Super Station”

HUMANITIES, May/June 2015, Volume 36, Number 3

“When President Franklin Roosevelt, sitting in the White House, pushed a ceremonial button on his desk in May 1934, a five hundred thousand-watt (500 kW) behemoth stirred in a field outside Cincinnati. Rows of five-foot glass tubes warmed. Water flowed around them at more than six hundred gallons per minute. Dozens of engineers lit filaments and flipped switches, and, within the hour, enough power to supply a town of one hundred thousand coursed through an 831-foot tower.

Thus began WLW’s five-year, twenty-four-hour-a-day experiment: a radio station that used more power and transmitted more miles than any station in the United States had or would. The so-called super station—licensed by the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on a temporary basis—amped up the debate among broadcasters, government regulators, and listeners about how radio should be delivered to serve the “public interest,” a mandate laid out in the Radio Act of 1927, and influenced legal, programming, and technical decisions that shape the broadcast system we know today.”    Cnt’d on this link   America’s One and Only SUPER STATION



Appalachian  Journey with Alan Lomax



Go inside one of the greatest-ever untold stories: how the ordinary people of America were given the opportunity to make records for the first time.

Click on phonograph photo to go to PBS’  page

AMERICAN EPIC three-part historical documentary will air in the U.S. on PBS on Tuesdays May 16, 23 and 30 at 9 p.m. (check local listings).

British documentary about record making.


WPVM Featured in “Capital at Play” Magazine

WPVM Featured in “Capital at Play” Magazine

Ms. Davyne Dial and Dr. Herb Johnson, president and treasurer of Friends of WPVM,
Inc.—and husband and wife—are featured with nine other regional non-profits in
the November issue of
Capital at Play magazine. The
couple is profiled 
in an informative two-page spread about how they came to be involved with the station.
Additionally, other station volunteers,
including Blaine Greenfield, host of “Blaine’s World,” and Jessica Rice, host of “NC
Serves Veterans Radio Hour,” are featured in a section called 
“Fun for a Better WNC.” 

Davyne and Herb thank editor Fred Mills and his staff for including WPVM is this distinctive annual issue! The magazine is available at a number of locations in the WNC region.

WPVM General Manager a Hit in NY!

WPVM General Manager a Hit in NY!


Davyne Dial, WPVM general manager, 
was a recent guest speaker at the Grassroots Radio Conference in Rochester, New York. Her topic, “Social Media Savvy,” showed her audience how to incorporate live video to Facebook, cameras, smart phones, and mics to capture action or live programming. Davyne also explained to the radio station attendees how to use social media to help establish their brand in their particular communities to vastly increase their reach and engagement.

Asked about the response, Davyne, who used PowerPoint to enhance her presentation, said her audience seemed dazzled—they had no idea such connections were possible. Verifying this, feedback from her audience was enthusiastic, like from Theresa Mitchell, radio commentator and music programmer for KBOO in Portland, Oregon: “A great presentation! You did a terrific job!


A radio personality who later watched the video of Davyne’s talk confirmed this, calling it a “‘revelatory presentation that a vast majority of community radio stations are not knowledgeable about…and Davyne, with her immense technical expertise, presented the facts in a way that her audience could get it!

Bluegrass Banjo

Bluegrass Banjo

Raymond Fairchild

A favorite
of WPVM listeners is its play of old and new regional music—especially featuring
the distinctive music of the banjo!

Here are three great local banjo stories to enjoy:

Dom Flemons

An entertaining
5-minute listen from Blue Ridge Public Radio (BPR) writer Cory Vaillancourt featuring Haywood County’s “elder
statesman of mountain music” Raymond Fairchild and Grammy Award-winning American songster Dom Flemons.

Billy Scribbles and Mikey 
Merrill on Asheville streets
—travel writer, folklorist and busker (including playing banjo and
spoons on the streets of Asheville)—shares a 
Facebook post about playing with Raymond Fairchild. A delightful read!

Photo on left of Billy with Mikey Merrill of Madison County. “The Reverend,” as Billy calls him, is the real deal!

a short picturesque
video of Billy playing banjo
during his current adventures on the road out west.)

Roscoe Holcomb

The Discovery of Roscoe Holcomb and the High Lonesome Sound

A 2015 article from The New Yorker magazine by Amanda Petrusich on Roscoe Holcomb; Bob Dylan described Holcomb’s work as exhibiting a certain untamed sense of control. 

WPVM presents “Land of the Sky” radio
show on Sundays at 7:00-9:00 pm which features 78 rpm recordings of regional
music—with lots of banjo! Plus the station’s weekday afternoon programs highlight current musicians influenced by traditional regional sounds such as Steep Canyon Rangers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, and many other artists with local roots; along with vintage recordings by Bascom Lamar Lunsford and Jimmie Rodgers.  Enjoy!
Radio History

Radio History


For anyone
who has visited the WPVM studios in downtown Asheville this summer, they would have noticed a “work
in progress”—displays of vintage radios and informational posters being
arranged and rearranged around the station’s cozy lobby!
WPVM’s Davyne Dial and
Herb Johnson are putting together a unique historical mini-tour and exhibition, “Asheville World of Radio.” (Inspired by Herb’s collection of radios and accessories as
well as his knowledge of radio history.)
Stay tuned
for announcements about the exhibition opening to the public!