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Politics 2021

WPVM Presents – Democratic Candidates Matrix for Dist. 11 – Part 1

*All information displayed was collected in good faith based on the candidate’s own comments or publicly available materials. If you are a candidate or representative of a candidate and would like to submit a missing answer or a correction, please email management@wpvmfm.org. Additionally, if you are a voter and would like to see additional topics covered, please reach out. wpvmfm.org@gmail.com. © WPVM 2021- All Rights Reserved

Politics 2021

Dist. 11 Republican Candidate Bruce O’Connell

Today, he sees it as his duty, honor and privilege to give back to the community that has given him so much. Bruce is running for Congress to fight for traditional American values on behalf of all Western North Carolina.

As your congressman, Bruce will make a contract with the people of District 11. And as he likes to say, “A contract is a contract.”
Bruce has never been a politician and does not want to make a career of it. He commits to a 6-year term limit.
He pledges to donate 100% of his congressional salary to local nonprofit organizations.