Davyne Dial is the General Manager of WPVM radio, and has the goal of making the station the best in the region, if not the whole country. Thank you for listening.

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Cecil Sharp

Cecil Sharp(1859–1924) Writing of his time in Madison County, Sharp describes a secluded and isolated mountain region with few roads and limited access to the outside world. The inhabitants spoke an old-fashioned form of English, using many obsolete expressions and pronunciations. Sharp discovered that singing was a universal practice in this community, unlike in modern…

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Needle “Exchange” Programs in Asheville

Todd Weatherly joins WPVM’s General Manager to discuss the reasoning and the unintended consequences of needle “exchange” programs   Asheville has embraced needle exchanges as part of a comprehensive strategy, rooted in public health data, to deal with addiction and its effects on the community. The programs remain controversial but are firmly established locally as…