Asheville’s oldest community radio station (WPVM), presents “Asheville World of Radio”—an exhibition of vintage radios and radio history memorabilia. WPVM’s short documentary of the World of Radio is now viewable to visitors to our webpage. Due to the pandemic we are making the video available instead of visitors coming into the station.  The video is just under 18 minutes and gives you a whirlwind tour of major events  in world history, the arts, music, and radio in the times of internet, coupled with the vintage to modern radios of each time period.  Any questions or comments can be posted below.  Thank you for visiting and if you find the video entertaining and informative please make a donation using the secure donate button below .


Members of the public can reserve a spot in small-group tours for a delightful “back to the future” experience to learn about the medium that changed the world, the medium described as “the theater of the mind”~~ Steve Allen. The collection of artifacts in WPVM’s exhibition—carefully researched and artfully curated—connects visitors through an entertaining historical progression of radio technology ending  in our state of the art broadcast studio  which connects  the modern era of digital broadcasting on the airwaves and the internet.

Exhibition guests will have the unique opportunity to take a walk through history guided by stories and sounds of our heritage—all heard through a retro-fitted Art Deco 1938 Spartan radio. From yodeling folk singer Jimmie Rodgers to President Franklin Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” to episodes of “Gun Smoke” they’ll hear clips of significant radio news reports, entertainment events, and music—including regional mountain music—from WPVM’s extensive vintage collection.


Tour Schedule

Reservations are required, but they are free. Contact WPVM using the form below to make yours.
Tours are available in a one-hour time block on the da
ys and times and times listed below. Indicate day, date and time in the contact form below. Note limited days and times and number of visitors; due to fire codes we limit the tour to four visitors.

  • Friday 2:00 -5:00 pm
  • Saturday 2:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday  2:00 – 5:00 pm

Broadcast Studio


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