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Every Monday evening on WPVM FM 103.7, Eddie LeShure and Margaret Kirschner present A Mindful Emergence from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.


Each week, A Mindful Emergence provides an in-depth and informative look into addiction recovery, trauma relief and compassionate self-care, featuring conversations with specialists in the fields of mindfulness meditation, therapeutic movement, addiction treatment, post-traumatic stress disorder, and self-compassion therapies. The focus is the latest, evidence-based practices and treatments and how they can be integrated into daily life and ongoing challenges.

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The show also includes announcements about upcoming healing events of note in Western North Carolina, with the intention of supporting collective efforts in our community to promote integrative whole health.  All this…plus a dash of tasty music.


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#69 – Preventing and Healing Vital Exhaustion – 4/17/17

Padma Dyvine of Integral Nursing Solutions, PLLC is a Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse and Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse. Applying over 40 years working in a variety of settings, Padma inspires nurses through programs and workshops in all kinds of work settings to care for themselves in order to provide better care for their patients. She also provides support to organizations who employ nurses to retain employees who provide excellent care. INS’s mission focuses on serving nurses, the nursing profession and the health care industry by focusing on win/win/win solutions. Nurses are finding professional satisfaction within organizations that support their nurse caregivers in providing outstanding person-centered, relationship-centered care.

#68 – Using Therapeutic Yoga to Aid Recovery from a Health Crisis – 4/10/17

Lydia Jane Michaels is a certified yoga therapist through the American Viniyoga Institute. Lydia’s work is grounded in advanced training, ongoing education and medical expertise from scientific and eastern healing traditions. She is also a certified provider for the Dr. Dean Ornish Cardiac Rehabilitation program, and specializes in working with seniors, low back and hip pain, heart disease, and other chronic illness. She offers experiential classes, educational presentations and individual yoga therapy. After many years as a dancer Lydia began teaching yoga, drawn to its precise focus on anatomy and movement. Later she was captivated by its rich history and spiritual teachings, and her background in counseling led her to become certified in yoga therapy: a practical, embodied way of addressing pain and dysfunction at every level of being.

#67 – Women in Recovery from Substance Use and Eating Disorders – 4/3/17

Dixie Brown, MS, ICAADC, CAP, LCAS, is Executive Director of Willow Place, a safe healing place for women in recovery from eating disorders and substance abuse. Dixie’s vision has been to reach clients struggling with mental health disorders from a holistic approach and to provide gender specific treatment that addresses core issues which have led clients to substance dependence, eating disorders, and other co-occurring disorders. Dixie holds a BA in Sociology and Business Management, an MS degree in Counseling Psychology, is currently studying for a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine specializing in Integrative Mental Health, and is also working towards Certification in Biochemical and Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, as well as the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals Certification for Eating Disorder Specialists. In addition to specializing in Substance Abuse and Marriage/Family Counseling, Dixie is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, a form of psychotherapy used to resolve the development of trauma-related disorders.

#66 – Meditation as a Tool To Aid in Recovery – 3/27/17

Maureen White, MA, and Josh White, Sensei, MA, LCMHC, CGP, are owner/operators of Red Mountain Sedona, a transitional program located in the majestic beauty of Sedona, Arizona, designed to help young adults with behavioral and/or emotional challenges “launch” into fulfilling and productive adult lives. Maureen and Josh met at Naropa University in 1999, while both were pursuing Master’s Degrees in Psychology. They worked together in private practice for several years, followed by five years side-by-side in high-profile roles at an adolescent/young adult treatment center. The inspiration for Red Mountain was born from their vision of a mindfulness-based program which would help young people understand their own minds, thoughts, and patterns of behavior.

#65 – Medication Assisted Treatment for Addiction Recovery – 3/20/17

Dennis E. Hagarty, MSN, CNS, CARN-AP, LCAS, HTP-A is a native of Asheville and person in long term recovery. Dennis has served veterans for the last 32 years as a nurse working in various roles for the Department of Veterans Affairs https://www.va.gov/. Working with buprenorphine (Suboxone) for the past 12 years, he is the Buprenorphine Coordinator at the Charles George VAMC Outpatient SUD Clinic http://www.asheville.va.gov/. Before becoming a nurse, Dennis received a BSW from Western Carolina University, then received an Associate Degree in Nursing from Wake Technical CC, and his Masters in Nursing from the University of Phoenix. He is a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse – Advance Practice (CARN-AP), and as a result is Deemed Status from the NCSAPPB www.ncsappb.org as a LCAS. Dennis is also a Tai Chi instructor and teaches in the community, as well as teaching a class for veterans in the pain clinic.

#64 – C3@356 RHA Peer Living Room: Continuing Care and Peer Support Services for Recovery 3/13/17

Dan Grunau is a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPPS) and Team Lead for the Peer Living Room at C3 356 Comprehensive Care Center. Prior to working at C3@356, Dan was a Program Director for dual-diagnosis recovery homes in West Asheville. He currently serves on the board of directors of NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) and is a co-facilitator and co-founder of Renewal (a dual diagnosis recovery group) held at the NAMI headquarters for Western North Carolina located at C3@356. Dan is a guest speaker at the WNC Certified Peer Support Specialist training programs, speaks about recovery at local recovery centers and hospitals, is a graduate of Brown University, and has lived in Asheville for five years.

#63 – Continuing Care and Peer Support Services for Recovery 3/6/17

Recovery Connections Community is a non-profit specializing in long-term residential services for people with substance use disorders since 2011. The program emphasis is on building community, rebuilding healthy relationships, developing a strong sense of self, productive habits, and a foundation of life skills to promote long lasting recovery. This is accomplished through peer role modeling, substance abuse education, a connection to community support resources, animal therapy and a focus on aftercare and nurturing relationships with others.  Founding Director Jennifer Warren, BA, MA, CPSS is a graduate of a long-term therapeutic community and clean and sober for 23 years. Public Relations Liaison Bobby Mickerson, CPSS, CSAC-R is a graduate of Recovery Connections Community, a staff member of RCC, and an ally for the recovery movement.

#62 –  Bridging Worlds: Dream Analysis and Depth Psychology – 2/27/17

Tayria Ward holds a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology. She has studied avidly the world’s religions and later Indigenous ways of knowing and being, working with shamans and dream teachers from many continents. Currently she has a private practice helping clients understand their dreams and life situations, either by telephone or in-person in her office in downtown Asheville. Tayria conducts private sessions, retreats, dream groups and offers vision quests, and is available for classes and lectures. Click Here to download a copy of the Tayria Ward & Bridging Worlds Retreat brochure. 

#61 – Wellness-Based Tools for Self-Regulation – Why Do We Need it and How Can We Do It – 2/13/17

Dr. Sandy Newes is a Psychologist in Asheville who specializes in working with people who struggle with anxiety, trauma, chronic stress, substance abuse, and self-regulation issues. Dr. Newes is a certified skills trainer in the Community Resilience Model (CRM), a wellness-oriented somatic skills based model for self-regulation, and certified in the Trauma Resilience Model (TRM). She offers these and other trainings to staff at treatment programs nationwide. In her practice, she blends CRM/TRM skills and an overall somatic focus with the intensive neurofeedback she provides her clients, with the goal being to help client become more flexible in their ability to shift their state and to move towards increased joy, presence, and ease in living. To reach Dr. Newes: (828) 545-0437 or snewes@gmail.com.

#60 Recovery Communities of North Carolina: Advocacy, Education and Support2/6/17

Ralph “Doc” Holliday, a person in long term recovery since 1983, has worked with people in or seeking recovery as a Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and more recently as a North Carolina Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC). Doc is currently working as a Services Coordinator for the Access to Recovery (ATR) grant with Recovery Communities of North Carolina Recovery Communities of North Carolina (RCNC), a 501 (c) (3) with a mission to promote addiction recovery, wellness and citizenship through advocacy, education and support. Doc is also helping to get the word out about Recovery Community Messaging Trainings and the upcoming North Carolina Addiction & Recovery Advocacy Day.

#59The Methodology of Refuge Recovery1/30/17

Steve Steen and James Skelton are in recovery and very active in Refuge Recovery, a mindfulness-based, non-profit addiction recovery community that practices and utilizes Buddhist philosophy as the foundation of the recovery process. “Drawing inspiration from the core teachings of the Four Noble Truths, emphasis in Refuge Recovery is placed on both knowledge and empathy as a means for overcoming addiction and its causes. Those struggling with any form of addiction greatly benefit when they are able to understand the suffering that addiction has created while developing compassion for the pain they have experienced. The mission is to build an extensive and comprehensive network of groups, meetings, and communities that practice, educate, and provide Buddhist teachings and meditations for anyone seeking recovery from addiction.”

#58Recovering Relationship: How To Rebuild Relationships After One Or Both Have Entered Recovery1/23/17

Judy Miller, L.C.S.W. and Roger Miller, Ph.D. are Human Relations Associates, Inc.  Dr. Roger A. Miller holds a Doctorate in Clinical Social Work, is a Board Certified Diplomate, and is dedicated to a practice of psychotherapy that focuses on the relational aspects of our human existence and practices from an approach that is based on the strengths of individuals and encourages improved interaction between individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations.  Judith Mishkin Miller is a licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years of clinical experience.  She draws from a broad range of training and skills to address issues pertaining to relationships, divorce, depression, anxiety, loss and bereavement, eating disorders, health concerns, life transitions and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people.

#57 – Finding Forgiveness and Compassion for Oneelf and Others 1/16/17

Jessica Ringle is a poet, songwriter, and author. Born with a passion for wanderlust, Jessica has lived all over the United States and her desire to travel and curiosity about life led her to a two-year stint as an older Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco where she focused on helping local families and, in her spare time, honed her skills as a writer. Once thought an incurable rolling stone, Jessica finally rolled to a stop in Western North Carolina where she works as a psychotherapist. Always a dreamer and storyteller, Jessica loves making things up, including songs, poems, and stories for her friends. Jessica’s first novel, Making It Up is the story of three generations of women who are bound together by long-buried secrets and a history known only to one of them.

#56 – Chinese Medicine: Infinite Paths to Healing 1/9/17

Jeremy Noble, L.Ac. Dipl. OM, RN, of Silver Leaf Natural Medicine is a licensed Acupuncturist who has been involved in medicine for 22 years, initially as a Navy Hospital Corpsman where he was an EMT and a Battlefield Medic with the U.S. Marines. He later attained his Nursing degree and practiced in Open Heart Surgery ICU. Jeremy began seeking Chinese Medicine as a means of treating stress, depression and sleep disturbances, and experienced such profound effects that it planted the seeds for what is now a career as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Jeremy is excited to be able to offer Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Dietary Consultations, Essential Oil Medicine, Tui Na Massage, Qi Gong practices, Daoist perspectives and breathwork to his clients to empower them to reach their full healing potential.

#55 – Nonviolent Communication: Meditation and Presence in Relationship – 1/2/17

Nonviolent Communication trainer Roberta Wall presents principles and skills for experiencing more satisfaction and connection in our relationships and daily life. NVC is a Mindfulness Practice and skills set that helps us be more present, open and loving to the flow of life within ourselves and between us and others. Roberta facilitates Leadership trainings, Public Conversations, Dialogues, Mediations and visioning and strategizing sessions. With private groups, families and individuals, she offers coaching, mediation, classes and trainings that integrate NVC and Mindfulness into all aspects of personal, family, communal and organizational life. Roberta offers her work in service of peaceful transformation of our world, individuals, families and organizations, and community and spiritual health and development. Read her blog.

#54 –  Recovering from Birth 12/26/16

Molly Rouse, PCD (DONA) has been a postpartum doula since she completed DONA certification in 2009 and is with Asheville’s The Mothership. She delights in cooking for postpartum delivery and helping parents understand their babies. “My journey to becoming a postpartum doula has been a delightful one. When I became pregnant with my first child in 2006, I started reading everything I could about parenting, particularly how other cultures raise their children. I was teaching Cultural Anthropology at UNC-Asheville at the time, and developed a course called “Cultures of Childrearing.” Through the research I did for this class and my own experience, I have learned that many other societies recognize and support the transition new families go through much more than we do in the U.S., and wanted to find a way to fill the void in my community.”

#53 – Using Mindfulness Practice to Get Along with Family and World Changes – 12/19/16

Ronya Banks is founder and lead teacher of the Asheville Insight Meditation community in Asheville, NC. Her teaching is informed by over 30 years of daily meditation practice, studying with more than 20 different Vipassana teachers, spending more than one year cumulatively on numerous silent Vipassana meditation retreats, and her participation in the current (Spirit Rock & Insight Meditation Society) Community Dharma Leader training program. She also lived as a traditional Theravada Buddhist nun in the Spring of 2014. Ronya has supplemented her meditation experience and passion for Buddhism with over 20 years of experience in business management, training, and consulting with individuals and groups. She also leads residential meditation retreats.

#52 – Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – 12/12/16 (Show begins 25 seconds in.)

Shannon Knapp, M.A., is founder and president of both Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc., an internationally-recognized leader in the field of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning, and Executive Director of Heart of Horse Sense, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting free, professional Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning for Veterans and At-Risk Youth in WNC.  Shannon has also published many books and curriculums in the field of EAP/EAL, including More Than a Mirror: Horses, Humans and Therapeutic Practices. Shannon is a trainer for Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, is EAGALA Advanced, and is Associate Faculty for Prescott College’s Equine Assisted Learning Masters Concentration program, the only Masters Level program in the country. Having begun her practice in 2001, she is considered a pioneer and a leader in the field, with more than 15,000 hours of client contact with a diverse range of diagnoses.

#51 – Mindfulness and Exposure Therapy in the Treatment of PTSD 12/5/16

gus-studioDr. Herman “Gus” Diggs utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based interventions in the treatment of substance use disorders and PTSD. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Southern Illinois University in 2014, and completed his predoctoral internship at the University of Maryland/Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System consortium in Clinical Psychology. He then completed his postdoctoral fellowship in Addictive Behavior at the Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Dr Diggs is licensed as a psychologist in North Carolina and works with individuals with comorbid substance use disorder and PTSD. He also facilitates groups in the residential substance abuse program and inpatient psychiatry. (Dr. Diggs is a licensed independent practitioner and his views and opinions are not representative of any particular institution.)

#50 – Spirituality and Mindfulness, the Key to Long-Term Recovery 11/28/16

wolf-studioJames “Wolf” Yoxall (wolf@pavillon.org) is the Spiritual/Wellness Director at Pavillon, located in Mill Spring, N.C. Wolf is also certified in Outdoor Education, Martial Arts and has studied extensively with both Native American and Chinese cultures. Using an experiential hands-on approach, and mindfulness practices, Wolf teaches and supports patients on their spiritual journey through their recovery and back into wellness. “In today’s world we all seem to be recovering from something that has caused us to feel broken or not quite whole. Spirituality is a key ingredient to finding our way back into health and wholeness. Even neuroscience can now show how spirituality helps to heal our brains and bring us back into well-being.”

#49 – Inspiring Teenage Boys to Choose a Path of Recovery11/21/16

montford-hall-duoAlex Kirby, Psy.D is Founder and Executive Director of Montford Hall. His vision for Montford Hall, informed by the latest research on the disease of addiction, began to take shape during his years as a therapist for wilderness programs, when he saw a lack of next step options for the substance-abusing and addicted clients with whom he worked. Alex has supported struggling adolescents and their families since the mid-1990s, first as direct care staff in a wilderness program, then as a clinician in a variety of settings.


Maggie Welder, MA, LPCA, LCAS-A, is Lead Clinician at Montford Hall. She earned a B.A. in Sociology from Antioch University in 2009 and an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lenoir-Rhyne University in 2015. Maggie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and is pursuing licensure as a Clinical Addiction Specialist, and brings dynamic experience working in residential treatment settings as both a mentor and a therapist for young adults in recovery, as well as their families.

#48 – The Value of Holistic Healing and Harm Reduction with Veterans in Treatment – 11/14/16

drug-court-flipDr. Eric Howard, MSW, the Buncombe County Veterans Treatment Coordinator, has over 12 year’s experience working in Asheville with marginalized and underserved populations and the challenges of poverty, mental health and addiction. He believes in treatment-focused solutions and harm reduction using a holistic approach to reduce incarceration. Dr. Howard has presented to several colleges, civic groups and organizations about working with multicultural communities and how to engage them.


Kevin Rumley, a mentor with the Buncombe County Veteran Treatment Court, is a combat veteran who served and was severely wounded in the U.S. Marine Corp, and who spent two years at Walter Reed Medical Center undergoing 32 surgeries. Kevin is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC), a Certified Clinical Trauma Expert through IATP, and works at NC Brookhaven Behavioral Health, engaging individuals with severe and persistent mental illness to promote stability, healthy outcomes and generate a sense of hope.


Bernard Oliphant is a mentor with the Buncombe County Veteran Treatment Court. He is currently the Basileus (President) of Upsilon Omicron Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. of WNC, and Bridge Builder link to Theta Lambda Chapter of Western Carolina University.  They partner with the Asheville Chapter of The Links, Inc. of Asheville and NAMI to reduce the challenges of mental illness and depression. Bernard served in the U.S. Army and as a GS-Civilian for more than 46 years, has a Masters Degree from Boston University in Counseling and Human Services, and is Deacon at the historic Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church.


Dr. Jamie C. Vaske is an Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Western Carolina University.  Her research interests are evidence based practices, quantitative methods, and gender and crime.


For more information:  Urban News   Facebook   Mountain Xpress

#47 – Growth and Expansion: As a Personal Practice and as a Community – 11/7/16

amber-in-studioAmber Acheson is a long-time yoga teacher who has served as Asheville Community Yoga’s Associate Director since 2011. Yoga became part of Amber’s daily life in 2007 while living in South Korea. Before relocating to Asheville in 2010, she traveled throughout Asia exploring the practice of yoga in as many different schools and ashrams possible. She completed her first 200 hour teacher training certification in India and continued her advanced studies (500 hour level certification in therapeutic yoga) here in Asheville with Kristine Kaoverii Weber and Subtle Yoga. Amber has settled here in Asheville with her beloved, Michael Greenfield (ACY’s Executive Director) and their 19-month-old son, Asher (Amber’s most influential teacher yet!). The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

#46 – The Evolution of Contemporary Outdoor Behavioral Health and Addiction Recovery – 10/31/16

daniel-f-2Daniel Fishburn, LCSW, LCAS, is Clinical Director of SUWS of the Carolinas, a life-changing wilderness program offering outdoor treatments for teens. Daniel has worked in helping professions for nearly 30 years and this journey has taken him from the mountains of war-torn El Salvador, to the streets of Houston, to the mountains of North Carolina.  Along the way, he has explored the application of mindfulness in work with diverse populations. SUWS of the Carolinas is a treatment program dedicated to helping children and adolescents who are having difficulties with mental illness and substance abuse concerns. “Through the use of the wilderness, in combination with traditional therapeutic methods, we help encourage change in each youth that comes to us for care.”

#45 – The Power of Mindful Touch – 10/24/16

robin-latestRobin Fann-Costanzo, LMBT#10171, RYT 500, Yoga Therapist has been working at the Esalen Institute and internationally since 1992 as an Esalen massage staff member, instructor, and registered yoga teacher. In addition to Esalen massage, Robin brings a lifetime of experienced as a trained dancer and has extensive training in craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release, gestalt therapy, life coaching, and dance therapy. Her love for learning and teaching led her to collaborate in the development of Esalen teacher’s training program. Robin is co-owner and bodywork director of Still Point Wellness. In 2012 at the World Massage Festival, Robin was honored for her years of dedication in the field of massage and bodywork by being inducted into the World Massage Hall of Fame.

#44 – Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery- 10/10/16

anna-and-beccaSacred Roots Wellness, LLC is an Asheville, NC- based creation of Becca Odom, LCSW, E-RYT 200 and Anna Ferguson, E-RYT 500. Trainings are designed to increase access to knowledge of yoga’s proven ability to facilitate self-regulation and create well-being through exercise, community connection and self-knowledge. They seek to provide trauma-sensitive services, trainings and educational programs to individuals, agencies and stakeholders interested in learning more about how yoga can support healing from trauma. Anna is a certified therapeutic yoga teacher with 15 years experience practicing yoga and over a decade of teaching, who focuses on providing yoga therapy to ease the effects of trauma with the yogic tools of meditation, postures, breathing, deep rest and yoga philosophy. Becca is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and registered yoga teacher, whose passion is to empower others to heal themselves and to provide individuals with the skills to create lasting change in their lives.

#43 – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Health, Resilience and Flourishing – 10/3/16

scott-mScott MacGregor, MS, LPC, CFLE is a licensed clinical therapist and stress reduction educator. He trained at UMASS Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness, and is trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum. He teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at Mission Health Systems, retirement communities and has taught mindfulness to patients in primary and specialty care clinics (e.g. family & internal medicine practices, cardiopulmonary, diabetes, substance abuse recovery), to individuals, to middle school, high school, and university students, as well as to a variety of professional audiences. Scott also teaches mindfulness at the Asheville Fire Department and Charles George VA Medical Center’s Veterans Integrative Pain Management School.

#42 – Symptoms or Source? Coping with Trauma, Addiction and its Multiple Presentations – 9/26/16

david-s-2David Spann, LCSW, LCAS, facilitates a process of overcoming life’s challenges including trauma and addiction. David has a diverse educational and employment background which includes serving the community in a variety of settings including Drug Court, Hospice, Assertive Community Team leader (ACCT), in addition to providing outpatient therapy with a focus on trauma and addiction. Volunteer services have included working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as an affiliate president both in Charlotte and Western North Carolina, as a state trainer for the Family to Family Programming, and also with Law Enforcement in Crisis Intervention Training.

#41 – Reorganizational Healing: A New Personalized Strategy for Healing – 9/19/16

kristy-lKristie Yutzy is the Wellbeing Concierge and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Wellness Educator at Nourish & Flourish in Asheville, NC. After years of being treated for a devastating chronic illness, Kristie learned about Reorganizational Healing, and began her profound healing journey. Fully recovered and thriving in life, Kristie assists others in connecting to themselves so that they, too, can fully experience their emotions, discover joy, and be the best version of themselves that they can be.

#40 – An Overview of Mental Health Care History in North Carolina – 9/12/16

larry-t-2Larry Thompson shares his direct experience and invaluable perspective on North Carolina’s health care system, based on his compassionate service to the mental health community for over three decades, which he continues to do. He was Area Director at Blue Ridge Center (Blue Ridge Mental Health) from 1974 to 2003, Interim Director of Western Highlands Network, 2004 to 2005, and Executive Director of Blue Ridge Area Foundation from 2006 to 2015.  He currently serves on numerous non-profit agency boards in Buncombe County, including National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and the recently developed Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness (See program #37). Larry has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and changes throughout this time period for both providers and consumers.

#39 – Captured by the Thrall: Bring in Servitude to Addictive Behavior – 8/29/16

Kim WPVMKim Bella, Ph.D., LCAS-A, is a psychologist specializing in transpersonal and expressive arts approaches to mental health and addiction. A leading authority on stuckness and its effects, her expertise is using embodied and mindfulness-based practices to uncover and release blocks to mental, emotional, creative, and spiritual well-being. Dr. Bella holds a doctorate in East/West Psychology and been a yoga and meditation practitioner for almost two decades. She is a lifelong artist, deeply interested in the role of expressive arts and consciousness practices in living a full and rich life based on creativity, vitality, direct experience, and present-moment awareness. You can reach Dr. Bella at “theshakeupartist@gmail.com”.

#38 – Resetting the Trauma Fear Switch in the Brain – 8/22/16

GeorgeGeorge Lindenfeld, Ph.D, is a pioneer in the field of healing trauma. A Licensed Psychologist and Diplomate in Clinical Psychology (American Board of Professional Psychology), Dr Lindenfeld has been practicing for 45 years, his work including specialization in the treatment of traumatic life experiences, including PTSD. He has been Executive Director of two Mental Health Centers, a university faculty member, and is widely published as an expert in his field. Currently, he is researching and utilizing technology with a potentially far reaching impact on the healing of trauma. To read more: https://www.academia.edu/19524765/PTSD_Brain_On_Fire

#37 – Sunrise Community for Recovery and Wellness – New Model for Recovery and Community Connection – 8/15/16

Kevin MKevin Mahoney (Executive Director) is an Air Force veteran of 20 years, serving as an Arabic and LexiePersian Farsi military linguist from 1980 to 2000. He has been on a recovery path since 2005, working in wilderness therapy and peer support for Smoky Mountain LME/MCO Transitions to Community Living, and an assertive community treatment team. (ACTT). A native of Paterson, NJ and father of four beautiful children, Lexie Wilkins (Director of Operations) has over 11 years of continuous recovery. He is a 2013 graduate of Shaw University, Bachelor of Arts Sociology (Cum Laude), former owner operator of “Labor of Love Home Health Care”, and is extremely active in the local 12 Step recovery community.

#36 – Bridging East and West – Evolving an Effective Model for Human Health and Healing – 8/8/16

Kaoverii 2Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MA, eRYT500, presents workshops and trainings to yoga practitioners and healthcare professionals internationally. Kaoverii has trained extensively in a wide variety of yoga styles, Chinese bodywork and homeopathy. She is the co-director of Subtle® Health, LLC, which provides holistic yoga based trainings, education and services to enhance community health infrastructure. Kaoverii is deeply committed to the adoption of yoga as a strategy for public health and believes that the future of healthcare is integrative, with patient-centered care focusing on healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – in the context of community.

#35 – Yoga as a Transformative Practice – 8/1/16

UsMargaret Kirschner is a Registered Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC-R) and Certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapist (E-RYT500) who specializes in guiding individuals’ mindful emergence from addiction and trauma through yoga. With 16 years of experience as a yoga teacher, she offers an integrated approach to thriving in recovery. Eddie LeShure is a Registered Substance Abuse Counselor ((CSAC-R), Certified Peer Support Specialist, NAMI Family Support Group Facilitator, and meditation teacher. His primary passion is bringing evidence-based mindfulness practice into the realms of addiction recovery, trauma relief, and self-care. They co-own A Mindful Emergence.

 #34 – “Hello My Name Is…” – 7/25/16

douglas_lail_300wx200h (3)Douglas Lail is a visual artist from Asheville, NC who has been in recovery since January 2013. He has exhibited work in a number of solo shows in and around Asheville, as well as in galleries throughout the Southeast. Douglas’s latest work is an extraordinary and powerful collection of portraits and personal recovery stories called the “Hello My Name Is…” project. For more information, and to see his schedule of upcoming exhibits, please visit HMNI.org or email him at: douglas@motiveindex.com.

 #33 – Radical, Transformative Healing of Body/Mind/Spirit – 7/18/16

Monica (2)Monica Cassani has seen and experienced the mental health system from both sides – fifteen years as a social worker and also as a person whose life was severely ruptured by psychiatric drugs after having a spiritual emergency that went unrecognized and therefore, unsupported, by established psychiatry.  For the last decade, while going through her own transformative healing process, she has written critically about the mental health system, while sharing many potential pathways of holistic healing without medication. Beyond Meds, her award winning website, documents and shares many natural methods of self-care for finding and sustaining health in body, mind and spirit.

#32 – Being with Dying, Dying into Addiction: A Conversation with Third Messenger – 7/11/16

Said studio picSaid Osio is founder, curator-editor, image-maker and publisher of Third Messenger, and has brought to the community Death café, Before I Die wall a Public Arts installation, Dying to Live Experimental Theatre and Last Picture Show a Mulltimedia production. He resides in Asheville, NC and is a certified End of Life Death Doula.  He also trained in imagery and alchemical retreats/meditation, and was a student for over thirty years with the late Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. For more on Said,  Third Messenger and Death Cafés, please visit http://thirdmessenger.com/

#31 – The Power of Quiet Listening – 7/4/16

RogerAfter periods as a science teacher and Field Research Technician, in 1984 Roger Byrd became a Certified Massage Therapist at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Later, in Kalamazoo, MI, the pain condition RSDS confined him to a wheelchair for about 3 years, but after regaining his mobility he became certified in Clinical Massage. He then practiced for more than a decade at Borgess Medical Center’s Integrative Medicine department, where he also taught semester-long T’ai Chi classes. Roger has a lengthy and highly insightful background in various body-centered mindfulness practices, is a long-standing member of Asheville Insight Meditation, and shares many powerful personal experiences in this broadcast.

#30 – Accessing Deep States of Mindful Relaxation to Guide the Transformation and Personal Growth Process – 6/20/16

Corey Costanzo is co-owner of Still Point Wellness, an award winning wellness spa and North Carolina’s first Sensory Deprivation tank. He draws upon a unique skill set and uses his experiences from living, learning and working at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, and currently offers a weekly restorative yoga class in Asheville using the sounds of the didgeridoo to teach relaxation skills, and grounds his entire therapeutic approach with a Master’s degree in Body Psychotherapy from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute.


#29 – Spirituality: What Hurts and What Heals – 6/13/16

Jim CJim Colvin, M.DIV., LMFT maintains a holistic practice of pastoral counseling, psychotherapy, and couple therapy in Asheville. As both a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a pastoral counselor, Jim integrates mind, body and spirit in his work with clients, using talk therapy, guided meditation and energy work. He can also work with the client’s spirituality to facilitate healing and growth. He is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and a Fellow in American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Recently Jim was accepted into the Partnership for Pastoral Counseling in Asheville, which offers financial assistance to those in need and requires ongoing peer accountability. He has been in practice over twenty-seven years and has also served as a local church pastor.

#28 – The Addict’s Brain and Ways to Re-Wire It – 5/30/16
David 2Dr. David Hardy is Director of Clinical Operations at APEX Brain Centers where he uses the latest evidence based brain training techniques to improve function in a variety of neurological conditions all the way to peak performance. Specific clinical interests and experience to Dr. Hardy are brain injuries, concussions, cognitive enhancement, ADHD and post addictions. “We combine the critical components of frequency and intensity into our revolutionary Brain Intensive Trainings to help you accomplish strategic goals in days or weeks, unlike months and years in traditional clinical settings. Our approach is one of functional neurology. Through the use of state-of-the-art brain mapping, objective neurological testing, intensive research-based brain training methods, and nutritional intervention, we are able to assess and train the brain to perform at peak condition.”

#27 – Addiction Recovery Within the LGBTQ Community – 5/23/16

lgbt-flag-2For years now, it has been increasingly acknowledged that the incidence of substance abuse and addiction is higher among people who self-identify as homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, or somewhere else on the gender or sexuality spectrum.  Regina T is a 49-year-old lesbian who has been part of the recovery community for 15 months. Chris P is a 43-year-old gay male with about 18 months in recovery, plus a Masters Degree in health administration. Regina and Chris feel it is important the LGBTQ recovery community be whole, non-fragmented and support one another, so they started the Rainbow Room as a 12 Step meeting offering a safe environment to attend meetings and put recovery first, feeling free to share whatever they need to share.

 #26 – The Role of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Recovery – 5/16/16
Joe N 2Joseph Najdzion LCAS, LPCA has been in the human services field for over 16 years. His areas of interest are substance use disorders, mental health disorders, crisis intervention, emerging adults and adolescents, impaired professionals, with focus on evidenced based recovery implementation and recovery-oriented systems of care. His most recent interest is utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Co-Occurring disorders. He has been a counselor at Pavillon for ten years and also has a small private practice in Asheville. You can email Joe at “JoeActNC@gmail.com”.

#25 – Recovery From Mental Illness Does Happen – 5/9/16

Paulette smilingPaulette Heck is Board President and Family Support Group Facilitator for the Western Carolina affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She has lived in the Asheville area for 9 years, is a retired reading teacher, and has a close family member who lives with mental illness. The members of NAMI and its programs are lifesavers for Paulette and her family as they seek to deal with mental health issues. In this broadcast, you will learn about all the educational and support programs offered free to the community by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, as well as insightful and motivating shared experiences of recovery. Paulette also offers other resources available to our community.

 #24 – The Key Role of Peer Support in Recovery – 5/2/16

CharlyneCharlyne Boyette shared her own personal life journey, including her current role as a Peer Support Specialist and Recovery Ally. “I am a person in long term recovery who is passionate about inspiring hope for recovery in others. I believe that my Higher Power has been preparing me for this very important role in the community for most of my life. Since finding the recovery community, I have given my life to service, sharing my newfound joy and excitement in Homeward Bound, Pisgah Legal Services, Sunrise Peer Support, Christmount Retreat Center, Ministry of Hope, Meridian Behavioral Health and RHA Behavioral Health, among others.”

#23 – Offering Hope for Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Suffering – 4/25/16
Pastoral 2Executive Director Rebecca Wells, founder Dr. J. Michael Hester and Licensed Professional Counselor Ned Martin are from Partnership for Pastoral Counseling, a nonprofit organization that has been providing the low income, uninsured and underinsured communities of WNC access to professional, affordable pastoral counseling since 1996. They offer affordable pastoral counseling that integrates theological/spiritual insights and behavioral science principles designed to empower healing and growth.


 #22 – Mindfulness in Day-to-Day Life – 4/18/16

larry-9_med_hrLarry Cammarata, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist specializing in mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy and mind-body medicine. He has practiced psychology for over 30 years and has expertise in the areas of mind-body medicine, clinical hypnosis, stress management, interpersonal relationships, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, and issues of midlife. Larry is a published author designated as an “Author-Expert” by IDEA for his writing, teaching, and service in the field of mind-body health, fitness, and wellness. Larry also provides educational retreats to inspiring exotic places throughout the world with leaders in the field of mindfulness via Mindfulness Travels.

 #21 – All Things Addiction, Treatment, Recovery and Healing with Some History for Context – 4/11/16

Jimmy CioeJimmy Cioe is a man in long-term recovery from drug addiction, licensed alcohol/drug counselor for more than two decades, student of wellness, holistic medicine and alternate history, and currently the Program Coordinator of Recovery Initiatives at the Governor’s Institute on Substance Abuse of North Carolina in Raleigh. His desire is to understand and communicate a holistic approach to healing and cultivate a sense of history, allowing him to place issues within their broader historical context. His interest and passion is the intersection of psychology, communication and spirituality. Jimmy’s blog

#20 – Walking the Talk: Psychotheraphy as Aid to Addiction Recovery – 4/4/16

Jack H studioJack Hannibal is a psychotherapist, Buddhist meditation teacher, former actor and acting coach, professional presentation coach, and person in long-term recovery. In this broadcast, he shares his deep insights into how he gained sustained recovery through a fascinating journey of exploration and personal transformation. Jack came to meditation as a cross-country runner in high school and later studied Zen Buddhism for several years under the late Peter Matthiessen. He has been on numerous silent retreats and currently is part of the Asheville Insight Meditation Leadership Team.

#19 – The Healing Power of a Participatory Cosmology – 3/28/16

Stephan Martin_2Author Stephan Martin (Cosmic Conversations) is an astronomer, educator, and writer who is has explored the intersection of science, spirituality, and sustainability for over twenty years. A specialist in extragalactic astronomy and the study of dark matter, his research and writing currently focus on the transformative potential of the insights of modern science and their integration into personal experience and everyday life. In this program, Stephan explores how one of the root causes of addiction and suffering in our culture is a misperception of our place and role in the universe. Stephan’s website

#18 – Providing Mental Health Counseling to Uninsured and Under-Insured People – 3/21/16

McNairExecutive Director McNair Ezzard and Lead Clinician Sherry Luft discuss how nonprofit All Souls Counseling Center provides quality mental health counseling to those in need in Western North Carolina. Founded in 2000 and located in downtown Asheville, All Souls offers individual, couple, family and group outpatient psychotherapy delivered by experienced, licensed psychologists, professional counselors, social workers and marriage and family therapists, many of whom work pro bono. Sherry and McNair explore how this works, and more.

 #17 – Chiropractic for Trauma Relief – 3/14/16

anya studio

Dr. Anya Harris, DC has a beautiful boutique chiropractic practice in downtown Asheville. She uses a combination of adjustments, muscle work, and Crystalign Energetics for mind, body and soul. Anya has 14 years of clinical experience and a background in mind-body science, yoga, nutrition and wellness coaching. Visit her website at http://www.crystalignchiropractic.com. In this program we explored a wide range of techniques that she offers for trauma and chronic stress.


#16 – Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion – 3/7/16

Gregg studioGregg Levoy (www.gregglevoy.com) is author of “Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion” and the bestselling “Callings: Finding and Following An Authentic Life”, rated among the “Top 20 Career Publications” by the Workforce Information Group.  Gregg has presented lectures and seminars for the Smithsonian Institution, Environmental Protection Agency, Microsoft, National Conference on Positive Aging, American Counseling Association, National Career Development Association, and others, and been a frequent guest of the media, including ABC- TV, CNN, NPR and PBS.

#15 – Nutrition as it Supports Recovery – 2/29/16


Katharine Clark is founder of HealthWorks, Inc., an educational organization that trains people how to regain and maintain their health, integrating both natural and medical methods. Katharine is a Hippocrates Health Institute Certified Health Educator, and Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach. Simply Superfood   To Live Fully Means To Be Healthy  


#14 – Mental Illness as it Impacts the Black Community – 2/22/16
Sharon & JimAfter 30 years in education and research at several universities, among them UCLA, Northwestern and UNC-Asheville, Dr Jim Pitts currently serves as President of the Board of Directors of Asheville-Buncombe Institute for Parity Achievement (ABIPA – http://abipaasheville.wix.com/abipa). Jim has also served as President on both a local and state level with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI – http://namiwnc.org/).  These organizations are two parts of Jim’s efforts to promote mental health understanding with a holistic approach to health education in the Black and other minority communities in this region. We were fortunate to have Jim’s wife Sharon surprise us by joining in this program.

#13 – Mindfulness and Depression – 2/15/16

jim s studioJim Stratton is a seasoned clinician who has worked as a counselor and consultant for the last 26 years. He has consulted on mental health and addiction issues for Wells Fargo, Delta Airlines and Procter and Gamble, plus had his own counseling practice in Tampa, Florida. In his role as an employee assistance counselor (EAP) he has done individual counseling and facilitated trainings and presentations on addiction, depression, families and life transitions. As a teacher at Asheville Insight Meditation (http://www.ashevillemeditation.com/), Jim developed a class series on Mindfulness and Depression, using meditation practice to understand and minimize depressive symptoms. Jim has been actively involved in the recovery community for 37 years.

#12 – The Latest Treatment on Sex, Love and Internet Porn Addiction – 2/8/16

eric bEric Belsterling (http://www.heartandsoulrecovery.org) is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS), a Certified Sex Addictions Therapist (CSAT), is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level II trained and EMDR Level II trained, and holds a master degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. He is certified to deliver Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF/CBT) with fidelity, to children and adolescents. Eric is committed to utilizing the latest, Evidenced Based Practices in helping people recover and learn how to manage and transform their addictions and/or Co-Occurring Disorders into meaningful, healthy lives.

kate-freeman-300-232x300#11 – Relaxing Your Way to Health – 2/1/16

Kate Freeman is a Sound Massage/Reiki Practitioner who uses sound waves and energy techniques to facilitate an experience of deep relaxation that allows an individual’s innate healing to take place (http://spiritualgadabout.com/).  Having begun meditating in the late 80’s to manage severe migraines, Kate’s experience with deep relaxation led her to a deeper awareness of her thoughts and feelings and she turned to Vipassana (Insight Meditation) to make sense of them. She is a meditation teacher at Asheville Insight Meditation (http://www.ashevillemeditation.com/), and does hospice volunteer work in the Asheville area.

# 10 – Using Art to Heal Trauma – 1/25/16  lori 2

Lori Greenberg, M.ED, LCAS is Program Director of Aurora Studio and Gallery (www.aurorastudio-gallery.com), a non-profit in Asheville with a unique mission of providing a supportive art studio for artists affected by mental health needs, addiction, and/or homelessness: where artists may gather and express themselves through the visual arts, enabling them to heal, grow and thrive.

Jenn#9 – Birth and Trauma – 1/18/16

Jenn Reddy is a mother of three and passionate educator of human sexuality, reproductive health, and intimacy. As a doula for over 12 years with a background working with trauma during pregnancy and post-partum, Jenn supports her clients through these times of tender transitions, primarily pregnancy and parenthood.  http://www.ashevillepostpartumdoulas.com/


#8 – Building Recovery Communities Through Creating Recovery Allies – 1/11/16

Richie Tannerhill (Peer Trainer and WRAP ® Facilitator at Smoky Mountain LME/MCO) is a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder and other mental health challenges. He now uses his passion and enthusiasm to promote recovery and share how we can collectively build a healthy community of support and be part of the solution.


Michael 2# 7 Bringing Meditation to Inmates – 1/4/16

 Michael Scardaville, a longtime practitioner of Vipassana/Insight Meditation and teacher at Asheville Insight Meditation (http://www.ashevillemeditation.com),  shares his substantial experience and insights about teaching meditation to inmates in prison and jail.

brack#6 – Understanding and Supporting People in Spiritual Emergency – 12/28/15

Brack Jefferys, Ph.D., LPC, LCAS, RN, LMBT (#44), Executive Director of the Center for Spiritual Emergence, has been working with individuals, groups and families for over 32 years. Brack consults with a variety of agencies, primarily in the areas of spiritual emergency, mental health, addiction treatment, PTSD, clinical supervision and organizational development.

kitty JohnM# 5 – In Our Own Voice – 12/21/15

Kitty Richards and John Morrison of National Alliance on Mental Illness (namiwnc.org) represent NAMI’s “In Our Own Voice”, presentations that shift attitudes, assumptions and stereotypes by describing the reality of living with mental illness. Kitty and John share their powerful personal stories and talk about how they outreach into the community.

terry2Susan Square-Crop-1#4 – How to Build Recovery – 12/14/15

This episode features Next Step Recovery’s (www.nextsteprecovery.com) Founder and Executive Director Susan Stader, MS, LPC, LCAS, CCS-I, and its Program Director Terence Streeter, CSAC. Based on their collective decades-long experience, they focus on what comprises successful addition recovery, as well as the myths and misconceptions that persist.

Sabine#3 – The Pursuit of Happiness – 12/7/15  

Sabine Boots, LMFT, Psychotherapist, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant (sabineboots.com), offers up her perspective on happiness and the many illusions and pitfalls in its pursuit.  Sabine also discusses Internal Family Systems (IFS), an integrative approach to individual psychotherapy she is highly proficient in.

Milton#2 – Addiction and Co-dependency Treatment and Recovery – 11/30/15 

Milton Burrill CEAP, CSAAC, brings a unique perspective based on 34 years of active recovery, coupled with professional training and 30 years of experience in substance abuse counseling, providing both professional and experiential knowledge. As a 43-year practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, Milton also provides insight into the role of consciousness in the recovery process.

ronya-banks-260#1 – Working With Craving and Aversion – 11/23/15

This program features Ronya Banks, Founder and Senior Teacher of Asheville Insight Meditation (AshevilleMeditation.com), as she explores how the teachings the Buddha address the roots of difficult thoughts and feelings and how to work with them. The very first A Mindful Emergence, this show features some technical shortcomings, but is none-the-less loaded with wonderful insights by Ronya.

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