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Underwrite WPVM fm 103.7

Support WPVM fm while you build support for your business or organization! We have easy and affordable underwriting packages that get you on the air and online quickly.

The Friends of WPVM is a registered non-profit in North Carolina operating the radio station that is dedicated to providing local community programming. WPVM -FM 103.7 LP, can expose your business to a large and growing audience — both online and broadcast — of conscientious citizens who prefer to support local businesses like yours.

Underwriting Program for WPVM fm 103.7 Asheville

Underwriter fees are $12.50 each hour show or $50.00, per month, for each hour. A two hour show is $90.00 a month. Three 20 second underwriter announcements are allowed by the FCC.  Referral to webpage for more information is strongly suggested.


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